Tax Reimbursement
Term & Conditions

Term & Condition

• Any Customer that placed an order between 26/09/2018 –02/01/2019  (inclusive) on and who was taxed at customs, are eligible to receive an electronic £20 voucher to redeem on  

• Any such Customer can contact Customer Service anytime from 26/09/2018 to 20/01/2019  (inclusive) to claim the voucher.

• Any voucher issued must be redeemed on or before 15/02/2019 and will thereafter cease to be eligible for redemption. 

• In order to be eligible to receive a voucher, a customer must demonstrate to our satisfaction its order number, order date, order value and tax receipt.

• Any voucher issued is not eligible to be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer. 

• We are entitled to cease or suspend this promotion at any time in our sole discretion. 

• Our decision is final and binding. 


  • 在 26/09/2018 – 02/01/2019 (包括01月02日)期间,在 下单的顾客,按照相关法律法规及政策缴纳相应税金的,可领取无门槛20英镑代金券,代金券可在 使用;
  • 符合条件的用户可于 20/01/2019(包括1月20日)前联系客服;
  • • 20英镑代金券,从即日起生效,可使用至 15/02/2019(包括2月15日),到期即自动失效;;
  • 用户需要提供海关出具的完税证明及订单编号,订单日期和金额;
  • 代金券不可与其他优惠同时使用;
  • 我们有权在任何时刻决定暂停或停止此次活动;
  • 我们拥有最终解释权。