Shaving Treatments

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Discover the range of shaving treatments for men here at Mankind

Try one of these specialised shaving treatments to soothe, calm and reduce in-grown hair, shaving bumps and shaving rash. Our cooling range of gentle shaving treatments features expert brands such as Tend Skin and Lab Series.

Combining best-selling skin care, these shaving treatments give you a step by step regime to achieving that perfect shave. From pre shave treatments, shaving creams, oils, lotions and gels as well as soothing post shave treatments, they’ll take care of redness and irritation. You can rest assured that your skin will be cared for from start to finish. All in one treatments like shaving balms, gels and creams allow you to take that extra step towards a comfortable shave.

What Is the Best After Shaving Treatment?

Even though fragranced aftershave smells lovely, the alcohol-base tightens and dries out the skin, leaving it irritated and sore. The best after shaving treatments include moisturisers, balms and creams, preventing ingrown hairs and reducing the battle between yourself and a dreaded shaving rash. We recommend a high quality aftershave cream such as the AB CREW formulation or a balm such as this one from Recipe for Men. 
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