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Discover the range of Paul Mitchell Mitch hair styling products here at Mankind.

Hair styling brand Mitch is made by Paul Mitchell, the premium haircare brand. Offering a range of incredible styling products with different levels of hold, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your hair. Ranging from gels and pastes to pomades and clays, their collection offers every hair styling formulation you can imagine. 

Does Paul Mitchell Mitch Test On Animals?

Paul Mitchell and Mitch is 100% cruelty-free and they are also the first brand who refused to sell their products in China to avoid animal testing laws. You can use their products guilt-free knowing that they never test on animals or recruit third party companies to do so. 

Where to Buy Mitch Hair Products:

You can purchase Mitch hair products right here at Mankind. Each and every high quality formulation from Paul Mitchell will style your hair with precision. 

Top Mitch Hair Styling Products

1.    Mitch Steady Grip
2.    Mitch Reformer
3.    Mitch Barber’s Classic
4.    Mitch Double Hitter
5.    Mitch Heavy Hitter
6.    Mitch Matterial Ultra-Matte Styling Clay

Find out more about the Mitch Matterial Ultra-Matte Styling Clay here on the blog.

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