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How To Style The Side Quiff

Quiff hairstyles are forever growing in popularity. From A-list celebrities to others you pass in the street, the quiff tends to suit most men, regardless of head shape, age, or personal style. The side quiff in particular combines volume and style with class and maturity, great for completing your look.

When styled incorrectly, your hair will lack volume and structure, which are the two main things you don’t want for this hairstyle. Watch the video below for our top tips to style the side quiff.

How To Style: The Side Quiff

The video will help you to position and tame your hair correctly to achieve the right shape and style. Carry on reading to discover which products will get your side quiff looking styled to perfection.

Step 1: The Importance of Styling

Starting with towel dried hair, take a comb and add a parting into the hair on your preferred side. This helps to define the structure and where you want your side quiff to begin. Using a hair dryer, blow dry the strands over to one side away from the parting. This will tame the hair which will leave you with a longer-lasting natural hold rather than flyaways and stray strands.

Step 2: Styling Clay

Now you’ve created the ideal structure for your side quiff with the hair dryer, take a small amount of styling clay and rub it between your hands to soften. Next, run it through the hair beneath the parting to flatten the sides, as this will enhance the volume of the quiff. Finally, work through the rest of the hair, styling it to the side to add texture. This will also help to hold the finished look in place for even longer.

Step 3: Looking For Extra Volume?

If you struggle with getting the initial volume due to thin hair, a quick switch in the shower can make a whole world of difference. By swapping your regular shampoo for a volumising shampoo, it will plump up the hair fibre. This leaves your hair feeling thicker and fuller with more bounce. After washing and drying, adding a shake of volumising powder will give you that final boost to get your side quiff looking great.

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