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Showcasing Rituals The Ritual Of Samurai Hand Lotion

Throughout your day, your skin is exposed to a lot of external elements. Weather, pollution and general radiation can cause your skin to prematurely age. Whilst many of us have a skincare routine for your face, it’s important to have a cream that does the same thing for your hands.

The Ritual Of Samurai Hand Cream is available in our latest Christmas Collection in collaboration with GQ. Not only does this product smell great, but it will leave your hands feeling soft too.

The Formula Includes: Organic Bamboo and Sea Minerals

Organic Bamboo is used in this product for its strengthening properties. Throughout the day, you wash your hands several times, and are probably weakening the skin without even realising. Organic Bamboo will help create a stronger structure between the skin cells, ensuring your hands can protect themselves throughout the day.

Sea Minerals help to regulate moisture balance. Not only does this have an immediate smooth feeling, it also helps your skin retain moisture where needed. This ensures your hands are moisturised throughout the day.

How To Apply

There’s not really a right or wrong way to apply this product. You simply apply it to your hands and massage it in. We’d always suggest paying some extra attention to your cuticles, as they tend to get a bit fragile. But other than that, you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you’ll all have heard of Rituals before, but if you haven’t, this hand cream is a great entry to the range. Rituals have a full selection of body care products, from creams, scrubs and shower gels. Here are some more of our favourites.

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