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Mankind’s Guide to Bodycare

Mankind’s Guide to Bodycare

Do you have a problem area on your body but unsure of how to deal with it? Our guide to bodycare has all the hints and tips you need to deal with spots, dry skin and tanning issues so you can be confident from head to toe.

How can I get rid of spots on my chest and back?

This is a common problem usually caused by in-growing hairs or oily skin. Massage some body scrub over your chest and arms. Use a long handled body brush over your back and shoulders. Rinse thoroughly. This will help to free in-growing hairs and stimulate the skin. If the spots are inflamed you may have acne and should see your Doctor.

The skin on my arms and legs is really rough and dry. What’s the best thing to make it smoother?

Once again a body scrub is the answer. Use it in a circular motion to release in-growing hairs and smooth rough skin. Try a body lotion to keep the skin supple and healthy.

The skin around my finger nails gets really cracked and sore. Any suggestions?

These splits in the skin are known as ‘hang nails’. If you are a person who can’t resist chewing your nails then they can get really sore and even infected. Clip off any excess skin with a pair of sharp nail scissors or nippers. Use a rich hand cream or lotion every time you wash your hands to keep the skin supple. Always use a non-drying hand wash to avoid further irritating the skin.

I really want a tan but I’m too busy to take a holiday. Are sun beds really bad for you?

There is little difference between the Ultra Violet rays emitted from the sun and those from a sun bed, so in theory they are just as bad as sunbathing. Some sun beds do filter out certain rays and will therefore be a little safer. You are however less likely to burn as the session is usually timed within a safe limit. Use sun beds with caution, always cover your eyes with goggles, check the hygiene of the clinic and follow usage instructions. The best bet for a safe tan is to use a self-tan cream especially on the face. It may be worth taking a look at our guide to self-tanning for men as the safest option.

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