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Which Skin Type Are You?

When it comes to knowing your skin type, there are a few basic rules of thumb you can follow to ensure that you choose the right grooming routine for your needs. In this guide our Mankind experts talk you through the main skin types and recommend the best ways to make the most of your complexion.

Normal Skin

You have normal skin if it has the following characteristics:

Even-textured. Problem free without spots or blemishes.Looks smooth, healthy and clear.

Tips to keep normal skin looking good:

 ✓ Follow a sensible skincare routine using a good quality facial wash every day and a scrub once or twice a week.

✓ Use a light-weight moisturiser that won’t overload the skin at least once a day.

Oily Skin

You have oily skin if it has the following characteristics:

Greasy and shiny, especially on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) Is prone to open pores, blackheads, spots and pimples. Dull looking and patchy.

Tips for oily skin:

✓ Keep it as clean as possible by using a good quality facial wash twice a day, a facial scrub two or three time a week and an oil-free moisturiser that will leave the skin matt, once a day.

 ✓ A clay mask used weekly, can also make a big difference. As the clay dries it absorbs the excess oil from the pores, along with dirt and dead skin cells. This helps to keep the pores clean. Over a period of time a clay mask will help to reduce the appearance of open pores as the blockages that make them appear larger are removed.

 ✓ Take care not to over stimulate oily skin with harsh products or those that will over dry the skin. Avoid soap as it will disturb the skin’s natural protective layer and make the problem worse.

Dry Skin

You have dry skin if your skin has the following characteristics:

Feels uncomfortable and tight, especially after shaving or washing. It can peel, flake and look scaly and lined. Looks older as its rough, dull surface does not reflect the light very effectively.

Tips for dry skin:

 ✓ Use a gentle facial wash that won’t dry the skin further.

 ✓ Use a facial scrub only once a week to remove dead cells but don’t rub too hard or for too long. – Use a good moisturiser twice a day.

 ✓ Avoid shaving foams and soap that will dry the surface layer of the skin. – Use sun protection of at least factor 15 when ever you are outside.

 ✓ Drink plenty of water (beer and wine don’t count!) to prevent dehydration especially if you work in an air conditioning office.

 ✓ Take fish oil capsules daily to provide essential fatty acids.

Sensitive Skin

You have sensitive skin if it has the following characteristics:

Reacts to many skincare and shaving products, usually turning red and botchy. Has a tendency to go red when touched, exposed to heat or to the sun. Reacts to certain foods or fragrances that cause a rash or make your skin itch. May have broken red veins on the cheeks and nose.

Tips for sensitive skin:

  Avoid anything containing harsh chemicals or a lot of perfume.

 ✓ Avoid soap and always try to select products designed for sensitive skin.

 ✓ Always protect sensitive skin from the sun even in cooler weather.

 ✓ Patch test any new products on the inside of your wrist before using them on your face.

Combination Skin

You have combination skin if it has the following characteristics:

A combination of two or more of the above skin types. Oily areas are normally straight down the middle of your face, the centre of the forehead, nose and chin (T-Zone). Dry areas are often the cheeks and sometimes the forehead.

Tips for re-balancing combination skin:

  Take care not to use products that are too harsh and that will dry your skin out.

 ✓ Also nothing too greasy as this will only exacerbate the problem.

 ✓ Try different products on different areas i.e. oil-free on the greasy areas and moisturising on the dry areas.

 ✓ Try specific products for combination skin.

Whatever your type a good skin care routine is all you need to keep it looking healthy, fresh and clear. You can browse an amazing range of skincare for men here at Mankind, so now you know the basics you can ensure your every day skincare routine caters for your personal needs.



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