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Dry Shaving Vs Wet: The Pro’s & Con’s

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Life is full of preferences and, much like taking your coffee with or without milk, most people will choose a side when it comes to shaving too. But deciding on wet or dry is a little more complicated than a simple taste test. Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you, meaning you can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each method without any extra legwork.

Dry shaving vs. wet shaving: what’s the difference?

Before making any big decisions, it’s important to understand exactly what your options are:

Dry Shaving: As the name suggests, you don’t use any water, gels or creams when dry shaving. However, this doesn’t mean that you can take any old razor to your skin without preparation. When dry shaving, it’s important to use an electric shaver that’s been specially designed for the job. This way, you can avoid irritation by efficiently cutting your facial hairs just above the surface of your skin.

Wet Shaving: Also known as traditional shaving, it’s probably the practice almost everyone is familiar with. Whether you choose a straight razor or more contemporary option, you’ll prepare your skin first with water and shaving cream, which helps each hair stand away from the skin for a closer cut.

Is it bad to dry shave?

Dry shaving with a razor designed to be used with water is always a bad idea. Your skin will feel irritated and will probably suffer from sensitive bumps, redness and ingrown hairs. Dry shaving with a purpose-made electric shaver, however, isn’t bad for your skin and is a technique used and preferred by many.

Is it better to dry shave or wet shave?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to shaving, which means there’s no easy answer to this question. Here are some things to consider when deciding what’s right for you:

A smooth finish

If keeping your face silky smooth is a priority for you, wet shaving is going to deliver those results. Because the razor is able to cut each hair much closer to your skin, your face will feel softer. What’s more, this type of shave boasts superior lasting power, allowing you to wait longer before it’s time to pick up your razor again. Wet shaving even helps you to exfoliate your skin, allowing you to forego your scrub while still enjoying a refreshed, resurfaced end result.


Although dry shaving with a traditional razor is destined to be a disaster, an electric shaver can actually deliver the least amount of irritation when used on dry skin. Your skin won’t be quite as smooth, it’s true, but your comfort levels are likely to increase.

When hairs grow back after wet shaving, they can feel very prickly and cause feelings of itchiness and irritation. Wet shaving also means that your blade is directly touching your skin, which can be a problem for those with particularly sensitive complexions. Electric shavers shield your skin from any direct contact with their blades for a more comfortable finish. They even protect you from the sting of regrowth, so even though you’ll have to shave more often, there’ll be very little to complain about in between.


Dry shaving is a much speedier process than wet and doesn’t require your skin to be prepared and then rinsed. Although you might think you can get through a traditional shave quickly before you head out, you’ll be more likely to cause nicks and irritation, making the whole process an unpleasant experience. If you’re often short on time in the morning, it might be worth investing in an electric shaver to dry shave without any of those unwanted (and painful) consequences.

If you like to have options and still want to achieve that smooth shave for special occasions, buying a versatile tool that does both could be an option that gives you the best of both worlds.


Electric shavers require significant investment and can seem expensive to anyone used to buying cartridge razors due to their upfront cost. However, the cost can mount up for cartridge razors over time, as you have to replace blades more frequently, whereas an electric shaver can last over a year without needing a blade change.


Traditional and cartridge razors really only do one thing, but electric shavers are often designed to be multi-purpose, versatile grooming tools. Many models include a trimmer attachment as well as a variety of different ergonomic features to make sculpting your facial hair a breeze. If you like to keep things simple, stick with the razor you know and love, but if you’re the kind of man who is known to grow the occasional beard, an electric shaver might give you the flexibility you need.

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