It’s that time of year again; the time to start making some changes with a New Year’s resolution or two. And yes, we know the usual frustration – we make promises and set goals which soon go out of the window to make way for the demands of real life. But this year, Mankind is here to help make your new look New Year’s resolutions achievable! If you’ve got a goal in mind, or if you’re still looking for New Year’s resolution ideas, here’s how you can take grooming to a new level and create a new you this new year…

Step out of your comfort zone

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Have you always yearned for a new hair style but always been a bit too wary to make the change? Throw caution to the wind and work towards a look that you never thought you’d try! Thanks to professional hair care brands like American Crew, Lock Stock & Barrel and Hanz de Fuko, you can shape and slick your hair into a brand new do – but before you get styling, you may even need to brave the hairdressers first! Once you’re happy with the length and look of your hair, you can add those all-important finishing touches with stylers, treatments or even a quality shampoo or conditioner to add volume and vibrancy that you’ve never had before.

Try something new

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If you’re getting bored of the same old clean-shaven style, then growing a beard is the perfect way to make a confidence-boosting change, or even to try a look that you’ve never had before. Whether you want to experiment with lengths of stubble to add maturity to your face, or you want to dive in at the deep end and brave the full beard, you’ll find all the tools and products that you need to do the job right here. From shaving creams to razors to aftershave balms, you can give your new beard the attention that it needs and shape it as you wish – and if you’re not happy with the shape that your new beard is taking, just shave it off and start again! With the help of professional products by huge brands such as Men Rock, men-u and Geo F Trumper, you can make 2015 the year you achieved your New Year’s resolution and rocked that beard!

Take care of your skin

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Not quite as drastic, but skin care is no less important if you’re after a new look and more confidence! Loads of us can relate to skin problems including dryness, redness or spots, and finding the right product to treat your troubles can be tricky. If you’re one of many men that suffer at the hands of irritating blemishes, then make 2015 the year that you cleared up your skin for good! At you’ll find a massive range of top brand names that are experts in treating skin issues, including Aesop, Clinique for Men and Murad, many of which cater to specific skin types and problems. So, whether it’s a moisturiser, an oily skin solution or an exfoliating scrub, now’s the time to get in a skin care treatment to turn your look around this year!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Nail your new look with the help of, with free delivery available!



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