Is your skin looking dull?
Then it’s probably due to a build up of dirt, oil and dead skin that gets left on your skin even after you shower or wash. The way to tackle this is through exfoliation.

Giving your body a good scrub a few times a week ensures that your skin looks brighter, feels smoother and is much, much cleaner than it ever has been. Not only will you notice a difference in the texture and pigment of your skin, you’ll notice the amount of blemishes and spots that pop up will decrease due to dirt and bacteria being thoroughly washed away in the exfoliation process.

Body Scrubs

You won’t realise how much good you can do your skin through exfoliation until you actually start doing it. The best technique to get the most out of your exfoliation is to use circular movements towards your heart, this boosts blood circulation to improve pigmentation as well as removing the most dead skin, dirt and excess oil from your skin.


Sai-Sei Mineral Body Scrub

Life NK Daily Fix Sugar Scrub

Billy Jealousy Salad Days Body Scrub

Molton Brown Ambrusca Wash & Scrub

Face Scrubs

The reason we use different scrubs on our body to our faces is because our skin is so much more sensitive on our face than anywhere else. Taking a gentle approach to exfoliation is key and with added benefits to target hydration, nourishment and acne, these face scrubs are the perfect multi-purpose tools for you to use for a complexion brightening result.



Clinique Face Scrub

Baxter Of California Facial Scrub

Nickel Green Boost Organic Energising Face Scrub

Perricone MD Blue Plasma


Star Product

You’ve got your scrubs, now you just need this amazing tool in your life. These Menscience Buff Body Gloves are your new best friends, helping you to quickly exfoliate without taking too much time out of your routine.




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