In case you hadn’t realised it it’s Movember again which is a brilliant chance to show off your manly ‘tache-growing prowess for charity (or just grow something perfectly ridiculous so everyone in the office can laugh at you and call you Fu Man Chu). Whatever your reason the important thing is that you take part.

The funds raised from Movember’s UK campaign benefit the The Prostate Cancer Charity, the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity.

It’s a particular gripe of mine that cancers that effect men, like prostate cancer, receive scant media attention compared to those affecting women,  like breast cancer, so I do urge all Mankind customers of  ‘tache-growing age to take part. And just to help you along here are a few tips from me to ensure your mo is truly magnificient!

  • Always shave just outside the line of your moustache so you can tidy it up properly with a the edging blade of your razor or beard trimmer.
  • Invest in a shaving mirror  – it’ll be much easier to see what you’re doing!
  • When creating complex lines around your ‘tache shave with a good quality shaving oil like Molton Brown’s Re-Charge Black Pepper Shave Oil. Since it’s transparent you’ll be able to shave with pinpoint accuracy.
  • If you don’t like the colour (maybe it has flecks of grey or is the colour of copper) try dying it with one of Just For Men’s Beard and Moustache Colour Gel.
  • Wash your mo often (hair absorbs odours and collects bits of food remember) and moisturise the skin underneath since hair wicks moisture away from the skin, drying it out.
  • Trim and tidy. The best-looking ‘taches end on or just above the lop lip line so make sure yours is neat and tidy with the help of a gadget like Remington’s Creative All in One Grooming Kit.
  • Enjoy it! Growing a Mo is supposed to be fun. And you never know, you might even decide to ‘keep the caterpillar’!

For more information about Movember and how you can raise cash by growing a ‘tache go to

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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