Kyoku for Men

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Kyoku For Men

 bring you Japan’s advanced grooming line for today’s modern man. An active urban lifestyle can be harsh on your skin so Kyoku products are designed to restore Mother Nature back to your skin. Created by men for men, Kyoku skin care have been researching for years to understand exactly how male skin works. This has lead to a line of skin care that provides you with advanced formulas designed for men and the results to match!

This collection developed by Kyoku For Men will not only improve your physical appearance, but also boost your confidence for that important meeting or date you have planned. Kyoku for Men is designed for every type of man, combining routine based moisturisers, cleanser, toners with special treatments that effortlessly brighten, hydrate and nourish your skin for a professional and flawless complexion.

Alongside this line of skin care comes a unique take on shaving and grooming too, providing expertly developed shaving foams, oils and gels that give you that comfortable, close shave without causing shaving rash, nicks, razor burn or ingrown hairs for an executive shaving regime.