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Vitality by MyProtein

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Discover the new Vitality range from MyProtein here at Mankind.

The Vitality range by MyProtein has been specifically created for the active man. Designed to deliver the essentials for keeping your body in shape no matter your age, they provide you with daily nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep you at your best.

Cardio Vitality

The Cardio Vitality is designed to help deal with daily pressures and strains. Formulated using Omega 3, Monacolin K and a number of minerals including calcium and chromium, it’s convenient and reliable to support the normal functioning of the heart. Each daily serving contains 3g of omega fatty acids EPA and DHA and 10mg of monacolin K, which balances blood pressure and maintains normal blood cholesterol levels. Contributing to normal blood clotting, it also maintains healthy blood triglyceride and glucose levels. 

Active Vitality 

The Active Vitality is designed for the active man, allowing him to push his performance to the max. Formulated with essential minerals, ginkgo biloba, caffeine, vitamin B, copper, zinc, iron, iodine, niacin and riboflavin, it contributes to normal mental performance. Helping you to stay sharp, it reduces tiredness and fatigue, supports energy and cognitive function, increases alertness, focus and concentration and supports the nervous system for normal function.

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