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Unwash at Mankind

Unwash are a haircare brand providing an interchangeable, gentle approach to hair. Traditional shampoo and conditioner products tend to be harsh and packed with damaging chemicals. To avoid this harsh cycle, their haircare products use no sulphates, parabens or nasty chemicals to improve both hair health and manageability. Their formulations use cationic cleansers to remove dirt from the hair without disrupting the cuticle, therefore improving drying time for hair. Each product is safe for all hair types and coloured hair. 

Unwash Anti-Residue Cleanse

The Unwash Anti-Residue Cleanse eliminates daily product and oil build up to reset hair back to a super clean state. Gentle yet effective, it provides a thorough cleanse without stripping away natural oils to keep hair both looking and feeling healthy. Enriched with cocamide dipa, coconut, Moringa oleifera seed oil and babassu oils, your hair and scalp is moisturised, left feeling calm and comfortable with a healthy shine. 

Unwash Dry Cleanser

The Unwash Dry Cleanser is a dry shampoo leaving hair with that just-washed freshness instantly. Whether you’re travelling, living a busy lifestyle or rushing post-workout, this lightweight formula is ideal to condition and strengthen hair. Made with the natural ingredient volcanic ash, it traps and absorbs excess oil at the roots to revive lacklustre strands between washes. Simply misting a small amount onto hair provides a boost of vitamin E, panthenol and plant extracts for full-bodied, bouncy and shiny hair to prolong the time you can spend between washes.