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STEAMCREAM is a light to touch skincare formula which has been steamed for potency. Harnessing the alchemy of steam in contemporary skincare, it helps to extract the skin nurturing benefits from natural skincare products included. Enriched with 12 sustainable natural actives including a blend of raw plant extracts and essential oils, it hydrates, softens and calms the skin. After being fused with steam, the orange flower water, chamomile oil, rose, lavender and orange blossom will provide you with more intense benefits. The melting texture allows the skin to absorb the cream easily, lifting the signs of fatigue and stress whilst restoring energy and vitality. 

You’ll see that there are different tins available in a range of different patterns, but you can rest assured that each tin contains exactly the same effective cream which leaves your skin both looking and feeling healthy and radiant. They also have a strict no animal testing policy.

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