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Real Health

Discover the range of super-food Manuka honey from Real Health here at Mankind.

What Is Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is a honey which is harvested from a single flower from the Manuka bush. Native to New Zealand and Australia, it contains high levels of MGO, which allows this honey to be classed as a superfood. Consuming Manuka honey supports immunity alongside general health and well being. 

What Is MGO?

MGO is short for Methylglyoxal, a natural substance which gives Manuka honey its active properties. Manuka Honey contains a higher concentration of MGO than any other honey, and the levels must reach a score of at least 100 to be classed as a bio active superfood. The higher the level of MGO, the better the Manuka honey is for your health. For the most effective results, purchase the highest level of MGO Manuka Honey. 

Real Health Manuka Honey

The Real Health Manuka Honey is a dark, rich and delicious naturally sourced Manuka honey. Sourced by hand from the native Australian bush land, it is then taken great care of to protect the important enzymes which make this honey so desirable. You can be sure that your Manuka honey is 100% when purchased from Real Health.

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