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One Nutrition

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Shop the innovative range of supplements from One Nutrition here at Mankind. 

One Nutrition offer products with next generation formulations, made with the demands of daily life in mind. Based on quality and strength, their products are made with ethically sourced, premium ingredients with certified quality assurance. Pure and simple, their supplements have good health at the core so you can become the very best version of you from the inside out. 

Wheatgrass Juice Capsules

The Wheatgrass Juice Capsules are developed for a low acid diet, to be taken with fruit juice, water or smoothies. These naturally alkaline supplements contain organic antioxidants, chlorophyll and carbohydrates to support all body tissues including the heart and arteries. Containing no sugars, fillers or maltodextrin, they re-balance the body’s pH levels and minimise inflammation.

Spirulina Organic

The Spirulina Organic is a protein packed source of daily energy. Designed to combat fatigue and support a health immune system, this superfood supplement helps to maintain healthy skin. Formulated using micro-algae, a powerful antioxidant, omega, vitamin B12 and A, these vegetarian capsules have a range of protective properties. Easily accessible for a modern diet, they are carefully dried before being turned into capsules for increased nutrient density to fuel active lifestyles. Easily absorbed into the body, they deliver full nutritional benefits.

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