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Shop the range of shaving brushes from men-ü here at Mankind.

A premium shaving brush is key to a great shave. The range of shaving brushes available here at Mankind from men-ü are made with synthetic bristles to be environmentally friendly. All coming complete with a stand, great for drying after use, the shaving brush sets will make it easier than ever for you to get a close, comfortable shave every single time. 

Men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand

The Men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand is designed to help you achieve the ultimate close shave. By creating a rich lather with a shaving cream, it raises facial hair to reduce razor resistance and boost hair softness. These Italian sourced pure bristle shaving brushes come with a tube of shave crème which lasts up to 20 shaves for a smooth, exfoliated complexion. 

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