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Discover the innovative facial cleansing brushes from Magnitone here at Mankind. 

Established in 2013 in London, Magnitone was created to harmonise beauty technology and healthy well-being. Made to be incredibly simple to use, yet causing extremely effective results, their skin brushes cleanse, exfoliate and tone the skin all at once in just 1 minute. 

How to Use a Magnitone

Step 1. Apply Cleanser – Start by applying your favourite cleanser directly to the brush head ready to start.

Step 2. Start Cleansing – Switch the Magnitone device on and begin using gentle circular strokes to glide it across the skin. Start off in one zone of your face.

Step 3. Move Zones – Every 20 seconds, the Magnitone will beep to signal you to start cleansing the next area of the face. Continue doing this until the whole face has been cleansed.

Step 4. Wipe Face – Use warm water to cleanse away any excess cleanser on your skin before patting dry. Continue with the rest of your skincare routine as normal. 

How to Charge Magnitone

To charge your Magnitone device, simply place the magnetic charger onto the handle at the bottom, underneath the switch. Plug the USB cable into charger and leave it to charge. You’ll know that it’s charging when the light on the front panel begins to flash. 

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