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Explore the innovative range of whitening toothpaste and oral care from Janina here at Mankind

Natural teeth whitening brand Janina offers unique, clinically proven solutions to remove stubborn surface stains and lighten whiteness by several shades. Recommended by dentists for daily use, the low abrasion products use active ingredients and natural fruit enzymes which doesn’t rub away the protective tooth enamel. The advanced formula uses their whitening patented bromaine complex which is free from hydrogen peroxide to promote good oral hygiene and provide fast and visible results.  

Will Janina Harm My Teeth? 

Janina will not harm your teeth as the formulations don’t contain abrasives, hydrogen peroxide or silica. Instead, they use natural enzymes in the products to naturally whiten the surface, without rubbing away the protective enamel from the teeth. 

Janina Ultrawhite Whitening Extra Strength Toothpaste 

The Janina Ultrawhite Whitening Extra Strength Toothpaste promotes faster low abrasion whitening for a whiter, healthier smile. Formulated with a higher percentage of natural enzymes than the other products in the range, it removes stubborn stains whilst preventing tooth decay, controlling plaque and providing gum protection. Causing no harm to the enamel, it’s safe to use daily for whiter teeth.

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