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Discover the range of hair cleansing products from Evo here at Mankind.

With great hair comes great responsibility. Evo was created to keep hair looking and feeling its best, right from the get go of your haircare routine. From shampoos and conditioners to other cleansing, hydrating treatments, it’s sure to keep your hair in its best possible condition with each and every wash. 

Evo Gluttony Shampoo

The Evo Gluttony Shampoo is a volumising, boosting shampoo designed for fine, flat hair. With an environmentally friendly low lathering formula, it cleanses away excess oil and impurities for a healthy scalp environment. Protein and film formulas are used to penetrate and coat the hair for a healthy, lustrous shine. Remember to follow with conditioner to keep hair moisture and hydration levels maintained. 

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