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Derm Ink at Mankind

Looking for the best tattoo aftercare? Look no further than the Derm Ink range at Mankind! This tattoo aftercare range is your new best friend when it comes to healing your latest ink. The Derm Ink range provides you with everything you need to ensure your tattoo heals in the safest way possible. Start your tattoo after care routine with the Derm Ink Cleansing wash, which helps to soothe the inflamed, sore skin underneath your tattoo, whilst also helping to prevent infection by removing dirt and bacteria. Once the area is patted dry and clean you can use the other products in the Derm Ink range to calm and heal your new tattoo.

Derm Ink Tattoo Balm

This fragrance and paraben free tattoo balm is enriched with a moisturising blend to calm, heal and protect your new tattoo. A formula of Shea Butter, Beeswax and Seaweed Extract, absorbs quickly in to your skin and the non-greasy formula works to soothe and protect the skin under and around your new tattoo. Suitable for all skin types, this new tattoo balm is a revolution in your tattoo aftercare regime! 

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