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The founder of 111Skin, Dr. Alexandrides, established this innovative collection of anti-aging products as a result discovering that the skin ages faster in space. This is due to the extreme environmental conditions experienced in space, and through this realisation he identified an opportunity to develop a new and unique way to put a stop to aging skin. After consulting a number of space scientists, Dr. Alexandrides and his team worked to create the patented NAC Y² formula, which contains ingredients commonly used by astronauts to prevent rapid skin aging. This formula works to strengthen the outer layer of skin, to ensure the vitality of epidermal cells and to encourage cell regeneration thereby reducing signs of aging. Whichever anti-aging cream or treatment you choose from this quality range, you can rest assured it will deliver top results for you.

The anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream within this collection has been expertly tried and tested to ensure that the solutions can stand up to the most extreme conditions and prove their worth against factors like pollution, stress and the sun. After originally developing a formula for surgery patients that significantly contributed to the skin’s healing process, Dr. Alexandrides expanded his collection to include anti-aging cream, cleanser, toner and more to offer a quality range of effective solutions to aging skin. For top quality products developed through a wealth of research and supported by visible results, make sure that you pick up an anti-wrinkle cream or anti-aging solution from this professional brand. Get free delivery worldwide at

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