It's her epilator ok? The clue is in the colour!

The other day I read a fascinating, but rather alarming, survey that revealed that over three quarters of men admit to stealing tbeir partner’s beauty products, with over a third saying they often pinch their partner’s shampoo and 1 in 10 admitting to using someone else’s razor. Scarily 7% use their partner’s toothbrush. I know! And bear in mind that these are figures for men who admit to it! In another survey, by the College of Optometrists, one in five women have caught the men in their life using their eye make-up! (I’m hoping this means concealer rather than eyeshadow or mascara).

As someone who writes about male grooming for a living I’m not surprised by this but I’m still horrified too, principally because there’s simply no excuse for it! The selection of grooming products available (there are thousands available on Mankind alone and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) means that men are spoilt for choice when it comes to skin and haircare. A word of warning too. Just because it’s white and comes in a pot doesn’t mean it’s a moisturiser. In fact, if you’re not careful you could end up moisturising with your other half’s hair removal cream (it happens trust me).

And even if it is moisturiser, it won’t be formulated to suit men’s skin, which is thicker, oilier and ages differently to women’s. Using the wrong product is like filing your Audi with diesel (i.e. not a very good idea at all, unless the car is your ex-wife’s). So if you’re one of those product thieves mentioned in the survey perhaps now’s the time to mend your ways and get into proper male grooming?

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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