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Top Time Management Tips

Top Time Management Tips

One thing which we all know we could do better at is time management. Whether it be to go out and do the shopping, keep up to date with tasks at work or stay on top of home tasks, sometimes it seems too difficult to manage. To help you out, here at Mankind we’ve provided you a list of our top time management tips to keep you from straying behind and then experiencing a lot of unnecessary stress attempting to catch up. Read on to find out more…

Mankind’s Top Time Management Tips…


Even though this one may be pretty obvious, it is important. Carrying a weekly schedule with you to ensure that you’re aware of what needs to be done each day keeps you on track without worrying about remembering what other tasks you must complete. This way you can fully focus on each task and they should be completed more quickly. To make sure that you’re keeping up with the tasks, schedule in time for interruptions which could occur so you don’t end up pushed for time. You can either keep track of your days with your phone, or go old school and create a bullet journal to hit the organisation ground running!

Do Not Disturb

If you are working around other people, quite often you will be distracted or disturbed. Even if this was unintentional, it’s still keeping you from sticking to your schedule. Either leave a do not disturb note somewhere visible, send people an email or ask them not to disturb you for X amount of time or put your headphones on. Most people recognise this as a sign of concentrating on a task and attempting to block out distractions, therefore they avoid disturbing you. This will allow you to spend optimal time on the task.

Take Breaks

You may think that taking breaks is a bad idea if you have a short period of time to get a task done, but that is not the case. It is important to take breaks to refresh your mind as you can end up in a rut when continuing a task for a long time. Taking a break should help you to concentrate better when you return to the task and give you an extra lease of energy. If you end up feeling drained of a task, just take a step away and you’re guaranteed to thank yourself later.

Prioritise Important Tasks

Having too many plans to complete tasks all in a short period of time can really affect your stress levels and reduce the overall quality of your work. Take time to acknowledge which of your tasks are the most important and put them to the top of the list. There is most likely going to be some tasks which can be left until a later date or even completely dismissed. This will help you to clear your schedule for the most important tasks. Begin by dividing your tasks in to ‘need to’ and ‘would like to’ as a starting point and put in to priority order from there.

List Deadlines

When you have several deadlines to remember, it can be stressful to try and keep them all in mind. Instead, designate some time to sit and list all of your deadlines, put them in order and then you’ll have a clearer idea of which tasks need to be completed first. This will also keep you from realising you have a deadline due for in an hours’ time for a huge task and automatically panicking, making everything worse.

Target to be Early

Most of the time, when targeting to be on time, you’re early or late, usually late. To keep you from turning up late to work or an important meeting, plan to be early so if any interruptions or issues occur, you should still arrive on time. It also gives you more time to get ready so you aren’t rushing last minute and regretting staying in bed for that extra hour in bed – as nice as that was…


One of the hardest things to do is concentrate when you’re tired. Ensure to get a satisfactory amount of sleep each night so your body can recover from the day and rejuvenate ready to take on the world again. Without sleep, you’ll most likely be stuck feeling unproductive and spend the day thinking about going to bed that night so getting enough sleep can help you to stay focussed on your daily tasks.

Turn Key Tasks into Habits

We know that most habits are either enjoyable or we’ve fallen into a routine where you barely even notice you’re doing it. Your day to day tasks can really get you down if you’re thinking too much about them every day and the easiest way to combat that is to turn them into habits. Once you’re into a routine of completing these key tasks as habits, you can even begin to enjoy them!

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