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It’s World Beard Day and here at Mankind, we’re celebrating in style. Now, we know you all love to trim your taches, stroke your stubble and bask in your beards, but for those of you that have trouble taming your facial fuzz, we asked the experts over at Murdock London to be on call for one hour only and answer all of your beardy questions!


Q: What style of beard would you recommend for AW15?

A: We’re starting to see subtly pointed beards coming through in response to the vast popularity of square cuts.


Q: How can I control the hair while growing my beard longer?

A: Apply Beard Moisturiser, allow to semi-dry and then groom out any rogue hairs to trim using a beard brush.


Q: What is the best products to keep our beards soft?

A: Conditioner, after using a good Shampoo. Ours is formulated to soften both facial hair and the skin underneath.


Q: What can I use to tame a bushy beard?

A: We would advise paying a barber a visit first and foremost to assess and work in the best shape for you!


Q: What products can help my beard appear fuller?

A: Beard Moisturiser helps nurture the condition of hair, making it appear not just healthier but fuller too.


Q: I’m trying to grow a beard but it’s looking patchy, any tips for encouraging the gaps to grow?

A: Patience will always pay off, especially after enduring the itchy phase!


Q: What tips can you share for keeping a sharp neckline when a beard is long enough to obscure your view?

A: If you shave or trim your beard without holding it, a hairclip can be very useful to help leverage the hair.


Q: What’s the best way of applying beard oil?

A: Simply rub between palms and glide through thoroughly. Apply at night to avoid daytime shine.


Q: What would you suggest for fixing a patchy beard?

A:Stay patient growing and a solid shape should naturally form. There are colouring options too for lighter tones.


Q: What technique would be best for brushing a beard?

A: Start at your sideburns, working your way around. Firm downward strokes, never against the grain!


Q: How often do you recommend trimming a beard and tash so it looks tidy and shapes your face?

A: Natural growth rate depending, most chaps visit us for a beard trim between every 2-6 weeks.


Q: Have you any tips on shaving a neckline?

A: Shave an arch rather than a straight line to avoid a double chin effect. Use a razor’s width as the apex.


Q: What’s your advice for styling your moustache with wax, without one side flopping?

A: Sometimes they have a life of their own! Try blow-drying using a small comb to shape.


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How will you be celebrating World Beard Day? Get together with your fellow bearded men, share a beer and flaunt your manly assets! Or just simply treat yourself to a well earned grooming session, and turn a grizzly mane into a well-oiled masterpiece! Come for a chat on twitter or instagram @mankindcouk and share your beardy wisdom.

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