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Raheem Sterling broke records this week, becoming the most expensive English football player of all time, following his transfer from Liverpool to Manchester City. The club reportedly paid a whopping £49,000,000 for the 20 year old midfielder in a 5-year deal, over £10,000,000 more than the previous record holder Andy Carroll during his 2011 move from Newcastle United to Liverpool. This new contract, which will see Sterling earn an estimated £200,000 per week, concludes months of speculation and rumours of disagreements with Liverpool manager, Brendan Rogers. Here at Mankind HQ, we enjoy a bit of extravagant spending now and then, but even with that kind of money, football players aren’t exactly top of our wish list. Here’s our run down of what to buy with £49 million… just in case you find that down the back of the sofa!


2 Super Yachts

The first thing on most people’s minds when you mention millions is a yacht, but with £49 million, you could buy two! The Golden Odyssey II is a German-engineered masterpiece, accommodating 14 guests, a swimming pool, an aquarium and a gymnasium for the bargain price of $40m. Realistically it’s probably best to just buy one, and save some of the money for all the fuel and running costs!

Golden Odyssey II Super Yacht Mankind.co.uk

Image source: burgessyachts.com


75 Classic Aston Martin DB5s

Every boy dreams of owning a fast car when they’re older, and we couldn’t think of anything more iconic than the 1963 Aston Martin DB5. With a 4.2 litre engine and its original 4 speed transmission, but the added benefit of a modern hifi system, you’ll feel every bit like James Bond in this beauty. Pick up a few extras for your friends with your spare cash and go for an incredible road trip.

1963 Aston Martin DB5 Mankind.co.uk

Image source: nicholasmee.co.uk


78 Bottles of Macallan “M” Whisky

Just like Raheem Stirling, this whisky is also a record breaker. A single bottle of Macallan “M” whisky sold for over $600,000 in Hong Kong in 2014, becoming the most expensive single-malt whisky to ever be sold at auction. The bottle alone took 17 craftsmen over 50 hours to make, and it holds a generous 6 litres of splendid Scotch whisky. Those in the know say it should taste of cinnamon, green apple, raisin and woodsmoke, and we definitely wouldn’t mind having a taste ourselves.

Macallan M Whisky Mankind.co.uk

Image source: money.cnn.com


326 Private Concerts with Bob Dylan

A private gig with one of your favourite musicians is probably every music-lover’s dream, but the price of seeing your idol up close is pretty hefty. With a bit of negotiation we reckon you could hire the legendary Bob Dylan to perform a concert every night for almost a full year, if that’s your thing. Of course your favourite indie band could turn out to be a lot more affordable, for anyone without a £49m budget.

Bob Dylan Mankind.co.uk


9800 Tailored Suits by Gieves & Hawkes

Every man needs a good suit, but what about 9800 suits? Gieves & Hawkes, who occupy pride of place at No.1 Saville Row, have produced garments for Heads of State, Winston Churchill and Michael Jackson, so you’ll be in god company. Their bespoke fitting service starts at £4500, so with £49m you’d have plenty of options.

Gieves & Hawkes Mankind.co.uk

Image source: gq-magazine.co.uk


328,859 Daniel Wellington Watches

New to Mankind.co.uk, the Daniel Wellington watches are crafted from high-quality silver with sleek minimalist designs. The Warwick features a navy and green military-inspired strap, which adds just enough colour to catch some attention, without being ostentatious. Perfect weekend watch.

Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Watch Mankind.co.uk


411,764 Bottles of Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Cologne

With this many bottles of cologne, there’s no excuse for smelling bad! This Trufitt & Hill cologne was created back in 1805 – the year of the battle of Tragalgar, and the timeless scent has remained true to its memorable origins. Featuring top notes of sandalwood and cedar, blended with jasmine and spices, the fragrance is the perfect fit for any modern gent who appreciates a touch of tradition. Find the Trafalagar cologne at Mankind.co.uk, but don’t use all of them at once!

Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Cologne Mankind.co.uk


3,062,500 Jars of Hanz de Fuko Claymation

One of our best-selling hair products, this ‘super high hold’ hair clay let’s you turn your hair into a work of art, giving lift and structure for perfect pomadours and quirky quiffs. Of course with this kind of money, you could pay a top-class hairdresser to smooth this through your hair everyday, while you sit back with a drink in hand! Should you want a lifetime’s supply of Hanz de Fuko, you can find it here.

Hanz De Fuko Claymation Mankind.co.uk


Now it’s over you – what’s on your wishlist? Leave us your suggestions on what to buy with £49m down below, or drop us a line on Twitter or Instagram @mankindcouk.

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