Father’s Day is almost upon us. Time to dig out that trusty thinking cap (you know the one that’s been collecting dust since Christmas? Yeah, that one) and make your old man proud by revealing your thoughtful, caring side. Show your dad just how much you’ve listened over the years, just how much you care and how you’re the only one who really gets him …or you can sit back and let Mankind do the hard graft for you? Have a gander below at our mega list of ultimate Father’s Day gifts; whether your pops is a traditional fellow, a tenacious techie or a well groomed, health conscious gym bunny, we’ve got his perfect pressie covered.  Panic over – you can put the thinking cap back now. (And thank us later. With beer).

What to get him if he’s: Tech Savvy


iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB – Silver

iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB - Silver

OK so it may be pricey, but if there’s one way you can repay your old man for putting up with your bout of ‘terrible twos’, teenage tantrums and hellish hangovers, it’s an iPad. Not just any though, the iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB is the one.  Incredibly light and thin, your dad will be able to enjoy this aluminium bad boy anywhere; on his commute, on holiday, even on the throne! Run with iOS7, the retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolution and 3.1 million pixels will beautifully enhance his photos, videos and apps, whilst the super-fast Wi-Fi will let him chat to friends and family via FaceTime. Sold!

(Why not go for extra Father’s Day points and buy him a stylish slip cover to go with it? Try this one:

dbramante1928 Leather Envelope for iPad 2, 3, 4, and iPad Air – Crocodile Brown

dbramante1928 Leather Envelope

ION Audio Clipster Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Built-in Clip – Blue

ION Audio Clipster Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A wallet friendly option, the ION Audio Clipster is the coolest way for your dad to show off his favourite music on the go. If he’s one for chilling in the back garden, BBQ-ing, hiking or cycling, he can simply clip this to his belt loop or backpack and have instant tunes whilst he works! Go on, let him wallow in the glory of being a walking juke box at his annual BBQ. All he needs is some form of Bluetooth music player to wirelessly transmit the songs (it’s iPad and Android compatible) – but if he doesn’t have one of those…that’s his next gift sorted, right? This curvy beaut of a gadget is available in blue or red and even has a rechargeable battery!

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 Bridge Camera (16MP, 36x Optical Zoom, 3 Inch LCD) – Black

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 Bridge Camera

Every tech savvy dad needs a decent camera (just be thankful you couldn’t afford to buy him one back in your ‘bowl cut’ days) and the Fujifilm FinePix S8600 Bridge Camera at Mankind is the perfect model.  It has the same features and flexibility of a DSLR but without the weight or hassle, so it’s really portable. It even shoots HD movies so your dad can capture any embarrassing family moments in high definition. Great!

Fashion Forward


Diesel Watches Kray Kray 38mm Leather Strap Watch – Black/Gold

Diesel watch

What do you buy for a style conscious dad who’s got it all? Mankind reckon you can’t really go wrong with a new piece of arm candy, so treat him to the Diesel Kray Kray 38mm Leather Strap Watch. With awesome black leather strap and swanky gold detailing, it’ll look great in business meetings paired with his best suit or even thrown on with his fave shorts and tee combo.

Farah 1920 Men’s Hutchings Long Sleeve Cardigan – Navy 

Farah 1920 Men's Hutchings Long Sleeve Cardigan

Add more to your dad’s ever growing collection of jumpers and cardigans with the Farah 1920 Hutchings Long Sleeve Cardigan. You can never have too many cardigans, right? This one has a cool high standing neck, button up front and two deep pockets. Effortlessly awesome, he’ll look instantly stylish without even trying. Plus, you could always ask nicely to borrow it?

Sperry Men’s Bahama 2-Eye Suede Boat Shoes – Sand 

Spery Men's Bahama 2-Eye Suede Boat Shoes - Sand

So it’s getting close to summer, and your hard working dad definitely deserves a break somewhere hot. Convince him to book a last min hol (leaving you at home in charge of the bins and curtains) and complete his holiday wardrobe with a new pair of boat shoes.  He’ll be made up with the Sperry Bahama’s. They’re made from sand coloured suede, a neutral shade that will complement any outfit; all he needs to worry about is where he put his passport…

Ted Baker Roschick Block Striped Scarf – Purple

Ted Baker Roschick Block Striped Scarf

Step away from the socks. Just don’t. Save them for Christmas. Instead, Mankind reckon you should top up your pop’s scarf collection. Scarves are one of those effortlessly cool outfit additions that always look awesome, whatever the weather.  The Ted Baker Roschick Block Striped Scarf will look particularly nice atop your old man’s best coat. Sorted.


Well Groomed


Razor MD FX99 Horn Shave Set 5 blade 

Razor MD FX99 Horn Shave Set 5 Blade


Never mind Father’s Day, here at Mankind we want this bad boy for ourselves! BUT, we are selfless and willing to sacrifice the pleasure for our deserving dad’s instead. The Razor MD FX99 Horn Shave with a five blade razor is not only easy on the eye with retro horn inspired handles but practical too with a super soft, super effective badger hair brush. Every man needs this. Your dad will love it, and it’ll look right at home on his man shelf in the bathroom.

Bulldog Grooming Kit For Men 

Bulldog Grooming Kit for Men

At Mankind we’re loving our Bulldog range. Aptly named after man’s best friend, it’ll certainly become your dad’s new bestie! Now the taboo has passed, us men are finally (and rightly so) embracing our skin, so make sure your old man gets the good stuff with our skin quenching Bulldog Grooming Kit packed with essential oils. With a moisturiser, face wash and shaving gel, it’s got it all. They’re the perfect for size for travelling and come with a handy little wash bag. We love it, and your dad will too.

Lab Series Max LS Anti-Ageing Trio (Serum, Eye & Cream Bundle)

Lab Series Max

Us men have no issue with growing old, I mean, they say we better with age don’t they? Just look at George Clooney…but, there’s no harm in giving our skin a helping hand along the way, right? Your dad agrees. Why don’t you treat him to the Lab Series Max LS Anti-Ageing Trio. The ultimate in anti-ageing, your dad will emerge from the bathroom looking younger than you…okay, maybe not quite, but he’ll certainly feel it. Heads up for the fancy bit: the innovative Sirtunin technology and Lab Series’ Molecule Age-Less complex will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm up any loose jowls and brighten dull skin. You’re welcome dad!

Amouage Man Miniatures Bottles Collection 

Amouage Miniatures Man

Is it a little weird buying your dad a scent for Father’s Day? Erm, no! Who says your dad can’t be spoilt with a top new fragrance. Mankind recommend getting him the Amouage Man Miniatures Bottles Collection – and with good reason too (read on). With a set like this, your dad gets the chance to test each scent and find his fave, then, all you have to do is check which miniature has been used the most and replenish it with the full sized bottle at Christmas. That’s Father’s Day AND Christmas sorted in one sentence! Oh we are good to you, aren’t we?

A Fitness Freak


Gold’s Gym Kettle Bell

Gold's Gym Kettle Bell

Your dad squats heavier than you. Once you’ve processed that, you should probably just embrace the fact. I mean, it only bodes well for you when you’re his age, right? Help bring his ‘home gym’ dream to life with Gold’s Gym Kettle Bell collection. Consisting of three weights, 8kg, 12kg and 16kg, your dad can lift some iron in one room whilst you lift some pints and watch the footie in the next.

Reebok Training Gloves 

Reebok training gloves

If he prefers to get out to the gym rather than work out at home, it’s your job as his younger counterpart to make sure he’s stocked up on all the coolest gear. Dead lifts and rows can take their toll on your grip, so spur your dad to go that extra rep with a pair of Reebok Training Gloves – if he doesn’t achieve a new PB with these, we’re stumped.

House Proud

Wine-0 Five Bottle Rack 

Wine Bottle Rack Mankind

So you can’t afford to buy your dad a new house with wine cellar for Father’s Day? Never mind, Mankind can offer him the next best thing: the Wine-0 Five Bottle Rack. It’s quirky, efficient and solid. Made from real oak, your old man will be buying bottles by the bucket load just to stack up his new rack; an excuse for everyone to get together, eat and be merry? We think so.

Relax Cognac Glasses (2 Pack) 

cognac glasses
Your old man will feel well posh supping his fave tipple from one of these Relax Cognac Glasses. Designed to mould to the shape of your palm whilst drinking, your dad will have the power in his hands as he warms the contents with his own body heat. Magic! Oh, and it has cool little feet. What dad doesn’t want a magic cognac glass with feet?

Victoriana Porcelain Mug – Coffee Addict 

coffee addict mug

Assist in your dad’s morning brew routine with a brand spanking new mug. The kitchen cupboard might already be groaning under the weight of mugs, BUT, he doesn’t have the ‘Coffee Addict’ Victoriana Porcelain Mug yet does he? It’s cool and vintage looking, perfect for all those kitchen proud poppas’.

Mini Metro Clock – Red 

mini metro clock

At Mankind we’re all for unique Father’s Day gift ideas, so why not get him something a little different this year? Every dad needs a nifty little desk clock for their office, and the Mini Metro Clock is a pretty awesome choice. With a vintage look and glossy acrylic case, his desk will be instantly transformed into an episode of Mad Men (sans Christina Hendricks unfortunately, we can’t help you there).

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