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Are you wondering how to achieve that perfect, irritation-free shave every time?

For a man, a clean shave does more to complete an outfit than any watch or scarf ever could. However, does this harrowing chore keep you looking sharp and dapper, only to lead to a face full of redness and irritation?

Luckily, for you, we have worked out the best and easiest way to accomplish that perfect shave, with a little helping hand from Geo F Trumper at Mankind!

Step 1 – Wash your face!

Ever noticed, when you get into bed at night beside your girlfriend, after she has removed her make-up, her face is always so soft and smooth? Washing your face at night before bed has a load of noticeable health benefits, and overall, leads to a more comfortable shave. Use the Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food by Geo F Trumper to moisturise your skin after cleansing, which provides an extra nourishment for your skin, helping reduce razor burn and irritation. It’s great for using pre-shave, especially for sensitive skin.

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Step 2 – Application is key.

After you’ve found a suitable shaving cream – I recommend the Geo F Trumper Shave Cream with Extracts of Lime, a carefully-formulated, glycerine-based shaving cream which provides an excellent lather for a comfortable shave, leaving your skin lovely and soft. Make sure you apply this thoroughly, and if you find it too difficult to apply with your hands, invest in a shaving brush to apply the cream thick and evenly to all areas of your face. I particularly like the Geo F Trumper SB4 Super Badger Shaving Brush allows you to enjoy a close and comfortable shave with less irritation. Boasting soft, genuine badger hair bristles, the brush is made using the finest quality craftsmanship to ensure durability.

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Step 4 – Use the right shaving tools

You wouldn’t cut down a tree with a blunt axe. Make sure you are using the right tools and it is imperative that you are regularly replacing your blades. A sharp blade is crucial to achieving a closer shave, whilst reducing sensitivity. Why not try the Geo F Trumper PBFI Simulated Ivory Fusion Razor.

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Step 5 – Rinse off and cool down

After the shaving game is complete, there is much need for a cool down.  Like working out, no successful shave is complete without an efficient cool down. Always rinse off excess foam with cool water and pat your face dry in a downward direction. Finish with the This Bay Rum Cologne by Geo F Trumper, a rich and spicy scent that will give your skin a seriously sexy aroma.

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Written by our Mankind guest blogger Colm O’Hagan.

Writer and expert