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SPA-ING PARTNERS: Matt & Gordon take on Spa Treatments for Men

SPA-ING PARTNERS: Matt & Gordon take on Spa Treatments for Men

To many, the whole premise may seem silly and the answer seem obvious, but in our new series SPA-ING PARTNERS, we attempt to get to the bottom of the question: “are spa treatments for men, too?”.

Last month Matt & Gordon from Team Mankind headed to Glossop Health and Beauty Studios to receive a full ESPA treatment. In this blog, we take you through what was involved, and what each of them thought of the day. You can head on over to our Instagram and check out our Spa-ing Partners Highlight Reel to see more.

As part of our Father’s Day campaign this year, we’re giving the chance to win an Overnight Stay for 2 at the Slieve Donard Spa in Belfast, with travel from within the UK included. Check out this Instagram post for info on how to enter.

Matt & Gordon enjoying a drink in the Relaxation Room before heading in for the treatment

SPA-ING PARTNERS: Spa treatments for men

On maybe the rainiest day in May, Matt & Gordon took the short drive from Mankind HQ to the Health and Beauty Studios in Glossop. The two were treated to tea and biscuits (pictured) while the treatment room was set up. Once everything was set up, they got to test the treatments out.

The Treatments: Men’s Back, Face & Scalp Treatments With Hot Stones

1. The Smell Test – Matt & Gordon each tested ESPA Body Oils by their scent. The oil their nose gravitated to reveals what their body is telling them they needed. Matt chose the Fitness Body Oil, and Gordon chose the Energising Body Oil.

2. Back Massage – Using the body oils, the treatment began with a relaxing back massage.

3. Hot Stones – With the muscles already relaxed, hot stones are used to thoroughly work tension out of the body. (This part may be a little more difficult to recreate at home).

4. Body Brush – Next, the back was scrubbed using the ESPA Skin Brush, which helps to exfoliate away dead skin cells, as well as stimulate blood flow to the skin and muscles.

5. Skin Check – A UV light was used to show up patches of oiliness and dryness on the skin. Both Matt & Gordon had oily-combination skin.

5. Eye Cleanse – Cleansing, the next step, uses the cleanser that’s suited best to the individual’s skin type. Both Matt & Gordon went for the Balancing Foam Cleanser.

6. Double Face Cleanse – Following the eye cleanse, the  Balancing Foam Cleanser was gently massaged into the face, before being removed with the Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

7. Protective Eye Massage – The ESPA Age-Rebel Eye Hydrator is gently massaged into the sensitive skin around the eyes at this stage.

8. Face Mask – Used to refine the complexion and revitalise the skin, the ESPA Skin Radiance Mask was applied at the end.

9. Scalp Massage – Gordon finished off with a quick stimulating scalp massage.

10. Hand Massage – whereas Matt opted for a hand massage at the end.

Thoughts on the Day:

Matt: I had a lot of fun, and my skin felt great after the facial. If I had to sum it up in one word it’d be ‘relaxing’ (it was a bit of a struggle to stay awake driving back to the office).

My favourite part was definitely the back scrub. I’ve never had one before and I really enjoyed it.

Rating: Please buy me this again as a present/5

Gordon: Matt might have struggled to stay awake, but I actually did fall asleep on several occasions during the day. I’ve had massages before but never with hot stones, which was new, and that was definitely a highlight.

Another highlight was the scalp massage – lovely way to finish.

Rating: Zzzzzzzz (strong 5)/5






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