Welcome to the capital of England. A place where fashion knows no limits, celebs run wild and food reigns supreme. It wouldn’t be right to finish our mini-series at Mankind, anywhere other than here; so expect an epic ending of meat, sugar, and more meat…Not altogether though…but hey, what you get up to in your spare time is no business of ours. So here’s our top 3 big eats for London, enjoy!

1.    Five Guys (1-3 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LH)

It only opened in the UK last year but it’s had 28 years of practice over the pond, so believe us when we say it’s a winner. With a cool little history behind them, The ‘Five Guys’ are five brothers who decided to start a business one day instead of going to college – smart move, clearly!

If you’re down south and fancy a burger, then Five Guys is the place to get one. With over 250,000 possible ways to order one of their burgers (just don’t ask us how…) you’d be insane to miss out on one of their fresh, roll stamped, prime beef beauties! Their menu is plain and simple; listing a range of classic burgers like their no frills hamburger or indulgent bacon and cheese, all waiting to be stuffed and topped with extras. From jalapeno peppers and grilled onions to relish and pickles, you’ll be spoilt for choice when filling your freshly baked-buns.


All images sourced from @FiveGuysUK Twitter

A absolute must is their freshly cut fries. Only ever using peanut oil, this results in the sexiest, crunchiest batons of carbohydrate you could ever imagine. And Peanut oil is cholesterol free…which to be honest, in our opinion, kind of defeats the point. (Like when your girlfriend orders a ‘skinny-minnie-lose 2 pounds in a day-mochaccino’ and tops it with fresh cream….but we digress).

We’ve pretty much nailed it on the head with this one, but if none of the above appeals, then at least head on down to see their cool self-serve drinks machine?

2.    Home Slice ( 13 Neal’s Yard, London, WC2H 9DP)

These guys are hardcore nomads. Starting out small with a home built, mobile, wood fired oven on the court yard of an East London Brewery, their amazing creations quickly led them to a place called home in Neal’s Yard.

Expect a delightfully simple menu of pizzas with totally unpredictable, innovative ingredients a top a thin, crispy base with doughy edge. How about ‘Chorizo, corn and coriander’, ‘Shoulder of pork, radish, mint and walnut pesto’ or ‘Haggis, leek and ogleshield’. Woah. Talk about a party in the mouth! Buy by the slice, or take your chance at a full, superhuman circumference.


All images sourced from @homesliceLDN Twitter

They’re pretty laid back there too and let you do half and half concoctions; you can even get it to take away; which means you can go back home, put on your ‘elasticated house trousers’ (everyone owns a pair, right?) and shove it into your face without judgement.

3.    Ben’s Cookies (9 Pelham St, London, SW7 2ND)

A little different to our previous meat filled haunts, we present to you: Ben’s Cookies. It’s a place that bakes cookies. Every day. With such a simple mantra, it means they have the time and energy to deliver high standards in the cookie stakes. And that my friend, they do.


Images sourced by @234353’s and @lauracrw’s Instagram

Every cookie is handmade and stuffed with chunks (not chips!!) of all sorts of amazing, preservative free ingredients. The nice thing about Ben’s? Every cookie is slightly different, sold by weight and often still warm from the oven. (It’s exactly like you’ve baked yourself a fresh batch at home. Sort of). With a selection of flavours, including chocolate, fruit and nuts, you can go simple with a classic chocolate and nuts combo or try something new like their white chocolate and cranberry or peanut butter.

Wait. Want to hear the best bit? They deliver. Yes. You can have chunky, handmade, sugary goodness delivered right to your door. Go on, tempt your missus off that diet and share a few.

So unfortunately, what you’ve just read documents the end of our travels across Britain in search of the best places to fill your face. It’s been emotional. We’ve given you meaty treats, Brazilian dancers and fish and chips. What more could you ask for? The bill probably, but that’s on you. See’ya!

Thanks for reading.


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