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Taming Hairy Eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows can be a tricky problem. Evolution gave you these strips of strategically placed hair to catch perspiration as it runs down your forehead, and they also help to shade the eyes from the sun.

2018-07-09 09:00:03By Shannon

Grooming Editor

Meet The Man: Neil Thornton

Neil from The Science of Appearance is a male blogger, with an invaluable insight into the male grooming industry. His content is informative, yet understandable. We caught up with Neil to discuss the industry, read more here.

2017-05-05 08:00:57By Shaun

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Mankind's Ultimate Guide To Black Friday

The day we've all been waiting for has arrived - Black Friday! You're bound to bag yourself a bargain this weekend, with many brands offering discounts and offers on products. It can be a bit overwhelming though, don't you think? Here's our ultimate guide of our top offers.

2016-11-25 00:01:16By Shaun

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The Gentleman's Grooming Show

There is a changing tide in the skincare and cosmetics industry, one that is seeing more and more focus being placed on male grooming. There has been a huge shift from the days when men settled for little more than soap and water to today’s modern gentlemen who takes great pride in his appearance.

2016-11-23 13:45:55By The Gentleman's Grooming Show

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What Does Black Friday Mean To Mankind?

It's almost here... In just one week we're expecting everyone across the UK, to be sitting there frantically purchasing some goodies online. Why? Because it'll be Black Friday, of course. We don't need to go in store anymore, you can get everything you need from the comfort of your own home. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 24th, we'll be slashing some prices on Mankind and you better be prepared to bag yourself some bargains.

2016-11-18 14:05:06By Shaun

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The Most Iconic Movie Moustaches

Have you ever been watching a movie, to end up having serious moustache envy? We have! Although we know that we can't pull off every style of moustache, there's definitely time when certain facial hair needs special praise. We wish we could pull it off, but instead we'll have to admire it from a distance.

2016-11-09 13:10:04By Erik

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Our Top Bonfire Night Treats

With Bonfire Night only a couple of days away, we've gathered some of our favourite Bonfire night treats that are sure to tickle everyone's taste buds.

2016-11-04 08:44:35By Shaun

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Alternative Ideas For Movember Fundraising

Some of us just aren't blessed with the ability to grow facial hair. If you're one of the unlucky few, but still want to raise some money for a great cause, we've got your back. Here are a couple of our favourite ways to raise money for Movember, without having to grow a 'tache.

2016-11-01 09:48:46By Shaun

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Top Celebrity Halloween Looks from 2016

Whether you're looking for some inspiration or just want to see which celebs have put together the best costumes this year, we've pulled together our top celebrity Halloween looks from 2016!

2016-10-31 17:16:20By Shannon

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Last Minute Male Halloween Makeup Ideas

We know it's not always the easiest to plan a costume for Halloween. It takes a while to prepare, and can end up costing a fortune by the time you gather all your supplies. We've found some of our favourite Halloween makeup ideas, that require minimal makeup. You might even be able to find some of the supplies in the bag of a girl you know, so be nice and ask her for some support.

2016-10-28 13:11:42By Shaun