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The Mankind Grooming Box

If you’ve not yet discovered the wonder of the Mankind Grooming Box, where have you been? Each edition contains a curated colleciton of male grooming goods sent directly to your door, complete with a massive saving against RRP of the products inside. Sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it? But we wouldn’t tell any fibs here at Mankind HQ, so read on to find out more about the coveted grooming box.

First Things First, What Is The MK Grooming Box?

The Mankind Grooming Box is a collection of products from top male skincare, haircare and bodycare brands. With an RRP ranging from £75 to a whopping £90(!), you can get your mitts on one for the amazing price of £25 each time. Delivered directly to your door, the box is a great way to discover brands to add to your tailored regime, and stock up on brands you already know and love! Each box contains predominantly full sized products, with some sample sizes occasionally too.

When is the Box Released?

You’ll find a new one is released approximately every 3 months. It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to our boxes, so that way you can rely on each box to deliver your expectations and keep your bathroom fully stocked until the next one. As the products inside are often full sized, you will see the next box released just as you are running low on your supplies. Cool, huh?

Is it a Subscription Service?

You cannot currently subscribe to the Mankind box, but this is something we will be looking in to, so watch this space to be the first in the know when we launch it! For now, you can subscribe to our email database, or keep a look out over on Twitter to stay in the loop of the new boxes when they land.

How Long Are They Available For?

We release the Mankind Grooming Box in small batches of 500-1000 each time. With this in mind, it’s always best to bag one as soon as you see them on site. Once we sell through, you won’t be able to get another box until the next edition is released. A great man once said ‘You snooze, you lose!’ – and that is definitely the case with these bad boys.

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