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6 fitness hacks to make sure you're getting the most out of your training

Working out is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to look and feel your best. If you've been training hard and you're not happy with the results, or if you're a newcomer to exercise and you're unsure where to start, we've got the fitness hacks for you.

2018-04-12 10:02:30By Billy

Grooming Editor

Interview: Mathew Lewis-Carter, Model and Personal Trainer

Mathew Lewis-Carter is a model, personal trainer, and all round lovable ginger. We catch up with him to talk fitness, grooming, and taking on the online world.

2018-01-05 17:20:28By Jack

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Maintain Your Fitness with a Winter Workout

Motivation to exercise often drops during winter, no matter how determined you usually are throughout the rest of the year. Unfortunately, skipping your workout for several months won’t maintain your fitness, meaning you’ll need to keep going in order to improve. Of course it’s easier said than done, so here at Mankind we’re providing our top tips to help you to maintain your physical health with a winter workout during the cold season.

2017-10-25 08:00:04By Shannon

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How To Survive An Intense Workout

What you do in the hours following an intense workout is just as important as the exercise itself. Without taking care of yourself on the inside and out, you can find yourself feeling exhausted and aching rather than healthy and invigorated. To ensure that you thrive and maximise the benefits you receive, make sure to follow our guide below on how to survive an intense workout.

2017-04-24 08:00:08By Shannon

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Top 10 High Protein Foods

From hair and nails to bones and muscles, protein is important to every cell in the body. It helps to build and repair tissues, makes enzymes and hormones and is needed in large amounts. The body is unable to store protein, so you need to make sure that you get enough on a day to day basis from your meals. Our guide below includes our top 10 high protein foods to help you ensure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

2017-04-23 08:00:31By Shannon

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Top 5 Smoothie Recipes For Your Workout

Nutrition has a huge impact on your fitness. Even though you may be tempted to treat yourself to junk food, a healthy smoothie is always a much better option. Packed with fruit, these vitamin-rich drinks are incredibly tasty and perfect paired with a workout. We’ve put together our top 5 smoothie recipes to keep you feeling great.

2017-04-19 08:00:18By Shannon

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Revamp Your Exercise Routine

After a cold, harsh winter, the chances are your fitness routine has fallen behind. Now warmer weather is just around the corner, you’re probably going to want to get back into the flow of things and increase your health ready for summer. To revamp your exercise routine, switch up your old habits to make way for new and exciting activities. You’re way more likely to stay motivated and the change in routine will help you to work muscles you don’t usually focus on.

2017-03-11 08:00:41By Shannon

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AntiGravity Yoga: Why You Should Try It

Trying something new to improve yourself is always a good choice. However, it can be difficult to settle on which activity you want to try. Of course there are the obvious ones like football, running and swimming, but things like yoga often get overlooked. There are several different types of yoga and here at Mankind, AntiGravity yoga is our favourite. Not only does it have so many health benefits, it’s also really fun to do.

2017-01-20 08:00:50By Shannon

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Detox Smoothie Recipes You Have to Try

At the beginning of the year, the majority of people are feeling rather sluggish after enjoying the festive period of overindulgence. Now it’s January, it’s time to treat your body to a healthy detox. Of course, that doesn’t mean your diet has to be bland and tasteless. Our detox smoothie recipes are so tasty you have to try them; plus they’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the world!

2017-01-14 08:00:17By Shannon

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Bend It Like Beckham: The Importance of Post-Workout Stretching

If you're anything like us, once you've finished your workout in the gym, you can't wait to get home. Post-workout stretching is important. Find out why with our latest post.

2016-08-23 08:30:42By Shaun