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Top 10 Lip Balms for Men

Top 10 Lip Balms for Men

No matter what, you should always use a lip balm daily. Protecting your lips to keep them soft, smooth and healthy, it’s the skincare tool you can carry with you everywhere.  Of course, it can be hard to choose the perfect one with such a large range available to purchase. That’s why here at Mankind, we’ve chosen the very best lip balms for men for you to pick one. Still unsure of the importance of using one? Carry on reading below.

Why Should Men Use a Lip Balm?

Often, men are put off from wearing lip balm due to the fruity fragrances, coloured tints and feminine packaging. Yet there are plenty of balms made especially for men which blend for a transparent finish. All men should use a lip balm as the lips have some of the thinnest skin on your body which means it needs protecting. A quick layer swiped on will prevent dry, chapped and painful lips.

How Does Lip Balm Work?

Lip balm is usually a waxy substance which coats the lips. Featuring moisturising properties, it relieves chapping and dryness, as well as preventing it from worsening. Creating a barrier between your skin and the environment, it stops moisture from escaping, keeping them soft and smooth.

When to Use Lip Balm

You should use lip balm whenever your lips begin to feel slightly dry, or if you’re suffering with pain and chapping. Applying it before you go outside will also protect your lips from becoming damaged by the sun, heat, cold or wind.

Best Lip Balms for Men

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