Are you aware?

mastersunawarenesslogoYou might not know it but this week is Sun Awareness Week, the annual drive by the British Association of Dermatologists to reduce the 200 cases of skin cancers diagnosed ever day in this country. What’s even scarier is that cases of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, are rising faster than any other type of cancer in the UK.

The irony is that in 4 out of 5 cases, skin cancer is entirely preventable. Any yet, many of us men are way behind women when it comes to adequately protecting ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays. I’ve actually talked to guys I the past who think sun protection is somehow ‘unmanly’ but believe me, there’s nothing macho about sunburn (or skin cancer) so now that summertime is here make sure you're fully factored up. There’s a huge selection of suncare products here on Mankind so there’s no excuse.

And please guys, stay off the sunbeds. I know it’s tempting to top up your tan the help of a few tanning sessions but with up to 100 deaths from melanoma attributed to sunbed use every year it’s really not a risk worth taking. What’s more, according to Cancer research UK, using sunbeds before the age of 35 increases your risk of developing melanoma by up to 75%. So try faking it instead.

Okay, end of this week’s lecture!

Lee Kynaston, Mankind Grooming Editor

3 thoughts on “Are you aware?

  1. Ulltra Skincare

    Lee, thanks for raising awareness of such an important issue. Its something I have personally been quite passionate about for years having lost a friend to skin cancer which was attributed to use of sunbeds. I’d like to make a very important point to men, women and the media in general via your great blog – you CAN look just as good WITHOUT a tan – who wants to age and look like a wrinkly dried up old prune anyway 😉

  2. Lee - Mankind Grooming Editor

    What’s more, I see today that all of the Professional Cricketers Association’s members will be screened for skin cancer for the first time. This comes after one in seven county players ended up referred to specialists following the discovery of potential melanomas during check-ups. Cricketers can spend up to eight hours a day in the sun so this is a really great initiative.

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