Better looking eyes

Your eyes always give the game away. Late nights, smoky atmospheres and years of sun exposure all take their toll on the skin around your eyes and the older you get the harder it is to disguise the damage. Here are a few common eye problems and a few simple ways to sort them out.

1. The problem: Puffy skin around the eyes

Usually worse in the morning, caused by a pooling of fluid under the eye as you sleep.

The solution: An eye gel to constrict the bags and to cool and refresh the area. Apply a small amount of eye gel under the eye and pat in with your finger tip (your index finger is best for this as it's almost impossible to apply too much pressure with it). Eye gels contain special stimulants to increase circulation and decongest the area. They also feel cooling and firm up the skin. Apply with small presses from the bridge of the nose towards your ears. This will help to drain the fluid and improve the appearance. For extra effectiveness and for an instant wake-up call (or hangover fix) keep your eye gel in the fridge. Try Nickel Attention Les Yeux (Firming Eye Gel) 20ml or Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel 15ml

2. The problem: Dark Circles

Caused by the blood vessels showing through the fine skin around the eyes. They look especially bad if you're tired, are run-down or have had a night on the tiles.

Caused by the blood vessels showing through the fine skin around the eyes. They look especially bad if you're tired, are run-down or have had a night on the tiles.

3. Problem: Crows Feet

The fan of lines that radiate from the corner of your eye to the temples, caused by years of squinting and exposure to the sun.

The solution: A good eye cream will help to diminish the appearance and protect from further damage. Try a cooling eye cream or gel that absorbs rapidly to smooth the area and leave it refreshed and firm. A gel eye mask will also help to reduce eye strain and headaches, especially if you spend all day in front of a PC. What's more, if you put eye cream underneath it will double the benefit. Try Zirh Restore, Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal 15ml or Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy 15ml. And don't forget about the wrinkles caused by squinting and sun damage. To minimise both always wear good quality sunglasses in bright sunlight (even in the winter if skiing). And don't forget your sun protection cream around the eyes. The sun hits the right side of the face when driving too, so it's worth protecting this area with an SPF. For protection all-year-round opt for a daily moisturiser that features a built-in sunscreen like Anthony Facial Moisturiser SPF15.

4. The problem: You're straining to see

The solution: It's important to get your eyes checked on a regular basis. If you really need glasses and are soldiering on without them, you may find yourself squinting and frowning causing even deeper lines.

5. The problem: You're exhausted and it shows!

The solution: Your eyes are one of the first places to show fatigue and a good night's sleep will always make them look better. Getting the recommended eight hours every night isn't always possible but try getting in a decent stretch whenever you can. If a new baby (or your newlywed neighbours) are keeping you up till all hours try grabbing a power-nap in the afternoon. Experts reckon the optimum snoozing time for these is 20 minutes, after which you should feel recharged and re-energized.