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Baxter of California Face Wash 300ml



Big fan

I've used this for 3 or 4 years now, morning and evening, and it works brilliantly for me. This, plus peter thomas roth aha gel overnight, turned my skin from a bit of a blemished mess into well - normal, comfortable and blemish free (mostly!). The stuff I tried previously (a lot of the well known brands on this site) seemed to dry my skin out, leaving me reaching for the moisturiser, which then left a greasy clogged up feeling. Don't feel I need moisturiser with this stuff - it's nice and gentle, but effectively cleans. V good all in all, and in fact I'm on the site right now to stock up again....

Date: 31 / Jul / 2014

Clinique for Men Face Scrub (100ml)



A must

The perfect pre-shave. Please try it together with a small amount of your Clinique face wash: they will amaze you!

Date: 29 / Jul / 2014

Clinique for Men Oil Control Face Wash (200ml)



Your first step

I've been using the Clinique three steps system for 10 years and what can I say? Brilliant, easy and last but not least extremely effective! The formula of this face wash has been slightly modified, improved I would say, and the brand new 200ml tube is absolutely remarkable for a reasonable price. All in all an excellent product, part of a stunning range of male products.

Date: 29 / Jul / 2014

men-u Healthy Facial Wash 100ml




Having used this for a week now I can say I'm incredibly impressed with the face wash, suffering from dry skin I can already see a difference in my skin, it doesn't feel or look dry and has left my skin looking incredibly clear. A big thumbs up from me!

Date: 27 / Jul / 2014

St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Face - Light/Medium 50ml



Gives a little summer bronzing!!

I have been using this now for over a week and have noticed a little bronzing around the face. It doesn't make the change immediately which is good as it can otherwise be embarrassing but blends in over a few days and gives a nice summer glow. I have also been on holiday recently and got a real tan but I find using this definitely helps to retain that original glow for much longer.

Date: 22 / Jul / 2014

Korres Pomegranate Toner (200ml)


Zhang Yongli

This fragrance is thick, I doesn't like this fragrance. My skin is mixed, but the summer is not greasy, refreshing and moisturizing.

Date: 21 / Jul / 2014

Proraso Shaving Cream Tube - Eucalyptus & Menthol




Proraso has been my shaving cream of choice for some time. It is what it says it is and I do not fault it at all. There is no threat to the position it holds in my bathroom.

Date: 16 / Jul / 2014

Redken For Men Clean Spice Shampoo (300ml)



Excellent product

Once, I've tried my girlfriend's Redken shampoo and it surprised me how good it is. The only problem was the "girly" smell of it, obviously. This is the men's version. Now I use it constantly and ManKind is my supplier - really happy with their service!

Date: 15 / Jul / 2014

Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette Starter Pack



Excellent Product

Ordered this for my boyfriend for his graduation present as he has always wanted a one. Excellent customer service before the product arrived, as it was dispatched an hour after order was placed. Product came and it was in a lovely box which looks really expensive. Products are amazing according to my boyfriend who was over the moon and highly recommends them. Thank you ManKind for a lovely gift for my boyfriend.

Date: 13 / Jul / 2014

Menscience Daily Face Wash 236ml




Only used a few times so far and my skin is smoother and clearer too! My sensitive skin can limit what I can use so very happy that this facial wash works well with my skin type. Recommended!

Date: 13 / Jul / 2014

men-u Shave Creme 100ml



Amazing products

This range is amazing! I use all four of the shave/skin care range and find that my skin feels refreshed. The aftershave method really calms the skins before and after a shave. I like the travel size tubes when I'm working away. The tubes last forever if you stick to the advice on the box and the price works when compared with other products that you may have to use more of

Date: 12 / Jul / 2014

men-u Barbiere Shaving Brush and Stand - Black



Very good brush, stand hopeless

I cannot compare this to other brushes as I haven't used one for years but this seems perfectly acceptable to me. I would like to compare it to a real badger bristle brush at some point. The stand that comes with the brush is rubbish though, I threw mine away.

Date: 08 / Jul / 2014