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White RX at Mankind

Deciem brand White RX is a visible skin lightening treatment. The brand aims to change the misconceptions of skin whitening within the beauty industry, making the focus on clearing skin issues such as scarring and pigmentation. Formulated to both act as a long term treatment whilst giving an immediate effect with prismatic blurring technologies, it will target visible skin pigmentation for an even complexion. Ingredients include vitamin C derivatives, liquorice extracts and bearberry extracts rather than the harmful alternatives commonly used like hydroquinone and mercuric salts. 

White RX White Flash Skin Treatment    

The White RX White Flash Skin Treatment is a liquid priming serum designed to give your skin translucent, even coverage instantly to achieve a flawless complexion. This liquid white optical filter prepares skin for makeup application and chamomile inspired blue rock technology is used to balance out yellow tones for a porcelain finish. Lightweight and fast absorbing, it improves skin tone and texture for a soft, smooth complexion with reduced pigmentation.

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