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Explore the luxurious well-being skincare products from Själ here at Mankind. 

Combining luxury and innovation, Själ offers a range of anti-ageing skincare which uses both biotechnology and precious minerals and gemstones. Focusing on Eastern medicine to balance energy within the mind, body and soul, you’ll notice transformed ski n with each and every use. Suitable for all ethnicities and skin types, their products are free of harsh chemicals and fillers so they can effectively reverse the signs of ageing. Working at a cellular level, they restore, nourish, detoxify and protect the skin from the damaging effects caused by the environment, stress, fatigue and travel. 

Själ Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic

The Själ Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic is designed to heal and tone the skin. This Swedish skincare product creates a protective barrier which fights environmental stress and counters inflammation whilst priming the skin. Formulated using minerals, artic root, Siberian ginseng, gold, silver and rose quartz, skin will be left looking and feeling healthier and more youthful. 

Själ Balans Deep Pore Cleanser

The Själ Balans Deep Pore Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser which brightens the complexion and minimises pores. It’s calming and soothing properties hydrate and detoxify the skin, whilst germanium is used to oxygenate cells for better looking skin. Infused with African whitewood extract, fig leaf extract, gold, silver, pearl and rose quartz, it also regulates sebum production and protects against moisture loss.

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