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Valentine’s Gifts For Him 2019

Valentine’s Gifts For Him 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It should be an opportunity to spend time with those your care about. But for many, frankly, it is spoilt for the same reason each year. It seems all of us know someone for whom it’s simply impossible to buy a present – and in the majority of cases, let’s be honest, they’re male. Spare a thought this Valentine’s for those whose current or prospective male partner is one such awkward customer.

But, as always, Mankind’s got you covered. Whether you’re after a straightforward skin care scoop, or a you’re out to perform the impossible and get the perfect buy for a for a reluctant recipient, we’ve got the Valentine’s gifts for him.

For the Skin

OK, so skin care might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s gifts for him. But we’re going to go out on a limb here, and speculate that for most men with a near non-existent skin care routine, it’s not the case that they dislike cleanliness, but merely an ignorance of the subject that leads them to this slovenly lifestyle.

Unwilling to educate themselves, they hope that the shower gel/body spray box set they received at Christmas can stretch until their birthday, at which time they can restock without ever setting foot in a toiletries aisle. This may or may not apply to your guy, but either way, a Valentine’s gift is a perfect opportunity to let him defer to your expertise, and get some good quality skin care.

For the Hair

Any man that cares even a little about his appearance will have staple hair care products. If you find out what those products are (or what they could do with using) a bundle of hair care gifts is an ideal Valentine’s gift.

Man with quiff stood outside in street in front of wall

When it comes to styling, if your Valentine prefers a sizeable, voluminous quiff, then a quality product with a high hold will be much appreciated. If they go for a textured, natural look without shine, a matte product is ideal. Whereas, if they prefer a slicker, more classic look, a pomade or cream may be a better selection. Sea salt sprays are an excellent addition which is unlikely to already be in their cabinet.

Throw in a quality shampoo and conditioner and your hair care gift is sorted.

The Shave

As Valentine’s gifts for him go, we admit this is a choice from left field. But like any quality grooming gift, if it’s not only thoughtful but practical and useful, it will be genuinely appreciated. We also admit this is a tricky one to get right, and it may even involve a degree of espionage…

The gift you choose should depend on what type of shave the man you’re targeting prefers – so pay attention. If you and your partner co-habit, this should be a breeze, and if you’re close already, you may have an inkling. (If you can’t be certain, Mankind would always recommend steering clear of a shaving related gift over a binoculars-in-the-bushes scenario.)

What’s important to figure out is whether they prefer a close razor shave or a gentler shave using electric clippers. If a man swears by electric clippers, it’s likely because they suffer from razor burn or skin irritation when shaving with a razor. Whereas, if they love a wet shave – (razor blades, shaving foam, the works) they probably have little use for a brand new set of clippers, so be tactical.

A traditional safety razor is a great compromise. As we are covering soon in our upcoming article on Razor Burn, a safety razor does come with a slightly higher risk of cuts in inexperienced hands, but it allows for a closer, gentler shave than modern cartridge razors which, when used properly, avoids the risk of razor burn.

For the Beard

Handsome man with a beard stood in bar in front of brick wall

For the bearded or beard-curious there are tons of great gifts on offer. Beard shampoos and conditioners, moustache waxes, and beard brushes and combs are always handy to have lying around. They have the additional benefit of striking a nice balance between a gift which is both good quality, and non-threatening.

Beard oils are a truly miraculous product and should be a staple for those committed to facial hair. Acting as a moisturiser and a fragrance, beard oil also softens the facial hair and prevents irritation of the skin underneath. A perfect tagalong present.

More Valentine’s Gifts For Him

If after all this, you’re still unsure what to get, you can always check out our Valentine’s Day Fragrance Guide coming soon, or check what’s New on Mankind for some more ideas.

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