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Oscars 2016: Red Carpet Throwback

Oscars 2016: Red Carpet Throwback

The Oscars 2016 are approaching and one of the main things we keep wondering here at Mankind is ‘what outfits are our style bro’s on the red carpet going to be rocking this year?’ After some seriously awesome past ensembles from some of our favourite actors, it will definitely make it hard to compete this year.  Check out some of our favourite styles from the Oscar’s red carpet from past years including Adam Levine, Eddie Redmayne and many more!

 Adam Levine, Neil Patrick Harris, Eddie Redmayne

adam levigne

In 2015, Adam Levine stole the attention of the cameras with his Armani tux to polish his fashion sense and tone down his rocker vibes. With this tailored outfit, it’s no wonder the lead singer of Maroon 5 has got them moves like Jagger, proving that even the roughest of diamonds can look the part for a fancy occasion. In contrast to Levine’s look, our main bro Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother sported a pale grey suit on the red carpet for the 2015 Oscars alongside his husband who wore a more classic style. If you’re wondering how to get that photo ready complexion just like the red carpet celebrities, including Eddie Redmayne; the NIOD Photography Fluid contains light reflecting particles so when the flash hits, your skin will look instantly better. Cool right? We also better mention the electric blue iridescent suit, classy yet eye-catching. An interesting take on adding colour to your ensemble.

David Oyelowo, Jared Leto, Common


One of our favourite Oscars looks has to be from David Oyelowo who rocked up in a red ensemble to stand out on the red carpet. Not many celebs have the swag to pull this off so it makes it even better. Contrasting the bright bold suit, Jared Leto’s powdered suits must be mentioned again. As one of our unlikely style icons, he sure does push the boundaries when it comes to fashion. Who else would brave it and go out in the spotlight wearing a lilac suit? Short answer: nobody. At least he didn’t show up in his Joker costume from Suicide Squad though… One of the more classic looks we enjoyed from previous Oscars includes a white shirt, white bow tie, Prada suit and Fred Leighton Jewels which was worn by multi-talented recording artist, actor, film producer and poet Common. He looked ace at the Oscars in 2015 whilst standing alongside John Legend. His style certainly matches his achievements for winning the ‘Best Song’ trophy for the tune ‘Glory’.

Bill Murray, John Stamos, Michael Strahan

At the Oscars in 2014, another one of our unlikely style icons managed to make our list of top 10 Oscar red carpet looks. Bill Murray rocked a green bow tie to present the award for ‘Best Cinematography’ and used the opportunity to drop in a tribute to the late writer, director and actor – Harold Ramis. To focus on a full suit rather than a specific accessory, after witnessing John Stamos wearing an all-black ensemble showing some serious  style and class, it would be a sin to not include him in our top 10 Oscar red carpet looks. We’re hoping that more people may follow his lead and attempt to pull off this legendary outfit in this year’s Oscars. You may not expect to see an NFL player transport from chasing quarterbacks down the field to strutting down the red carpet at the Oscars, yet Michael Strahan did exactly that. He always manages to stand out, this time catching the attention with a red  suit. He also mixed it up with some black suit décor and looks awesome.

And The Winner Is… C-3PO


Who doesn’t love a bit of Star Wars? It’s even better when you see C-3PO posing for the cameras wearing a black bow tie at the Oscars in 1977. Once you see this, you’ve officially seen it all on the red carpet. There isn’t really that much we can say about this one except well… May the force be with you.

What are your favourite Oscar red carpet looks? Let us know over on Twitter at @mankindcouk!



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