Mankind National Men's Grooming Day 2015

It’s one of our favourite days of the year! A day when even the most unkempt and slightly scruffy among us can dig out their beard combs, aftershaves and eye creams with pride and indulge in a spot of socially-approved pampering. Of course here at Mankind, we like to treat everyday like it’s National Men’s Grooming Day, but to mark the significance of this special occasion we’ve put together this hefty handful of generous offers on some of our top brands to make it even easier for you to get in the grooming mood.


Jack Black – 25% Off

Simple, but superior quality, Jack Black offer a full range of head-to-toe products from shampoo to relaxing muscle soak. The brand pride themselves in using the finest ingredients including plant extracts and healing botanicals for a refreshingly positive effects.

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Bulldog – 25% Off

This award-winning skincare brand have got plenty to bark about, their products are all specially designed and formulated for male skin with a unique combination of quality ingredients and essential oils. Born and bred in the UK, Bulldog offer a super simple range for straight-forward results.

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Men Rock – 25% Off

Taking inspiration from traditional barbers, Men Rock aim to cut away the excess and introduce you to the benefits of a classic shave. They offer a comprehensive collection of old-school, high-performance shaving products and accessories for a professional shave at home.

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Lock Stick & Barrel – 25% Off

With a big focus on individual style and creative flair, Lock Stock & Barrel are here to give you the tools you need to carve out your own well-groomed look. Their range of haircare will help thicken, smooth or volumise your hair and their styling products give your the chance to put some personality back in your mop.

Shop Lock Stock & Barrel


Murdock London – 20% Off

With their own established group of barbershops in London, Murdock are hands-on with their customers and know what men need to feel groomed. Their range includes skincare and colognes as well as shaving and beard maintenance products, all with a distinguished British flavour.

Shop Murdock London


Menaji – 25% Off

Menaji’s skincare range is designed for all men who want to look their best; whether that’s for an interview, a date or just everyday at work. Their products are formulated to heal and care for male skin, whilst also being undetectable. With Camouflage and Cover-up kits, as well as their eye gels, body scrubs and aftershaves, Menaji will get you looking good and boost your confidence.

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Billy Jealousy – 25% Off

This playful brand is all about fun but with a professional edge. Designed with the sophisticated bad boy in mind, their range of ‘cosmeceutical’ products (a happy marriage of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) are based on scientific research and use only the finest raw materials to deliver optimum results for your skin.

Shop Billy Jealousy


Gentlemen’s Tonic – 25% Off

Founded in the heart of Mayfair, Gentleman’s Tonic delivers a luxurious grooming experience for the modern man. With a sleek range of hair products, skincare and shaving accessories, this brand offers the perfect escape from the stresses of the outside world and transports you back to the traditional gentleman’s barbershop.

Shop Gentlemen’s Tonic


eShave – 25%

eShave was founded with the simple mantra that when people look good, they feel good; and their collection of sophisticated and stylish shaving tools is designed to make you look and feel your best. Putting a modern twist on the traditional wet-shave routine, this range is ideal for any man looking to jazz up the daily de-fuzz.

Shop e-Shave


Scaramouche & Fandango – 25% Off

A British brand founded by two university friends with busy jobs and plenty of travelling, Scaramouche & Fandango was created to fill the void in simple, affordable and easily portable men’s grooming products. Their range uses high quality formulations with no nasties or parabens making it great to use everyday as well as packing in your suitcase.

Shop Scaramouche & Fandango


Mojo – 25% Off

Offering a small but perfectly formed range of premium hair styling products, Mojo aim to bridge the gap between salon-quality style and luxury grooming. Each of their products is fragranced with the signature Mojo scent – a sensual, woody oriental blend that adds an edge to your carefully coiffed hair.

Shop Mojo


Questions? Help? Advice?

Don’t forget you can check out the Mankind Ultimate Guide, for tips and recommendations to help you out with all kinds of male grooming problems, Whether you’re struggling with your shave or worried about your skin, we’re here to point you in the dapper direction.


Will you be treating yourself for National Men’s Grooming Day? What’s on your shopping list? Drop us a comment below or come over to twitter or Instagram, we’re always happy to chat grooming any day of the year!

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