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There’s nothing like a good playlist to get you through the day, and here at Mankind HQ we certainly do like an erratic range of aural delights to treat our ears to. Whether we’re having a secret dance to our guilty pleasures (Taylor Swift is close to the top of this list, purely for her musical talents, of course) or rocking out to some hair metal – there’s no genre which doesn’t get a look in on our collaborative Spotify Playlist. For this edition of our Mankind Playlist, we’re looking at our Top 5 Indie Bands for 2015.

Mankind Playlist: Top 5 Indie Bands

Catfish and the Bottlemen

More commonly known for its ‘Victorian and Edwardian elegance and splendour’ Llandudno isn’t a destination you often associate with bands. However, Catfish and the Bottlemen are changing the reputation of this sleepy Welsh town, with their effortlessly impressive hair and sold out shows throughout the UK. Catch them at Leeds or Reading Festival during the August Bank Holiday weekend to really see how lead singer Van (Mc)Cann make you dance with their upbeat indie anthems.

King Charles

With a highly coiffured head of hair, King Charles is an alternative singer-songwriter hailing from London. If you’re looking to see King Charles at his rawest, then he has announced an intimate warm up show at Bush Hall, London (on July 29th) in preparation for his appearance at the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Aviemore, Scotland. If you’re in to the likes of Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard, you’re going to love King Charles.


30 years after Radiohead was first formed in 1985(!), Thom Yorke and the chaps are still holding on to their crown of ‘Kings of Indie’ until this day. Tracks such as Creep and Karma Police will be the most recognised songs of this almighty indie band, and for those who have never heard these two tracks, we’re going to assume that you’ve lived in a cave with some ear plugs in throughout the 90’s. Radiohead are currently back in the studio working on their new album as we type – and Mankind HQ simply cannot wait.

Alt J

Leeds is a hive of indie music goodness, from bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives, and The Music through to our personal favourites: Alt J. As soon as their debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’ kicks in, we’re immediately chilled out with pressures of the day somehow alleviated. If you’re looking for some mellow music which also uplifts your mood, then crack on with a bit of Alt J and let tracks like Breezeblocks and Tessellate get you through the day stress free.


Interpol are the epitome of New York cool, with their highly groomed yet chic style and penchant for a good suit. Turn on the Bright Lights was the debut album which defined an indie generation and sold over 50k copies by 2011. With the depth of the deep bass notes against powerful drum beats, and Paul Banks depressing-yet-uplifting tones, Interpol are the band that make you want to move the Big Apple and hang around in a back alley café, with a group of indie snobs, wearing black turtle necks, talking about art.

Not convinced? Head over to Spotify and check our favourite Indie Bands out for yourself.

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