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Top 10 Geek Gadgets: May 2016

Top 10 Geek Gadgets: May 2016

This April we decided to embrace our inner geeks here at Mankind. From fancy portable phone chargers to back to the future dreams becoming reality, we got super excited by all the latest geek gadgets available in 2016. Check out some of the coolest things that money can buy below and you may find the perfect gadget to treat yo’ self! Bonus – if you have a birthday coming up, you can send family and friends a link to this blog post *hint hint*.

Top 10 Geek Gadgets: May 2016

  1. Immersit

    Forget the regular gaming chairs, compared to the Immersit, those things are ancient. The Immersit vibrates, lifts and rocks your chair or couch in synchronization with movies and games. With the tagline ‘Experience a roller coaster ride from your own couch’, pairing it up with VR goggles will ensure that you experience your game or movie so realistically that you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between digital and reality!

  2. Adidas Smart Ball

    The Adidas Smart Ball will completely change your game. It’s not just a regular football, this is the next level of coaching at your very own feet. Featuring an integrated sensor, it detects your kick speed, spin, flight path and impact point. The kick data is then wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth so you have access to a visual display and therefore benefit from the in-ball coaching, which will increase your skills and totally up your game. Awesome, right? Granted, it doesn’t come cheap and can set you back close to £150 a throw, but if you’re serious about the beautiful game then this bad boy is your ticket to becoming the next Ronaldo.

  3. The Dash

    Next on the list of our top geek gadgets this month is The Dash. The Dash is completely wireless headphones which are suitable to wear whether you’re cycling, walking, simply relaxing or even swimming – they’re waterproof! Therefore you can stream your favourite MK Playlists via Bluetooth to listen on the go. With 4GB of memory, you can also save your favourite tracks ready to listen wherever you please. Not only do they fit for ease and comfort, they’re also smart headphones which are capable of tracking your biometric data via in-ear biometric sensors. Another feature of The Dash provides live audio feedback of your heart rate, steps and activity duration. Last but not least, these incredible geek gadgets are controlled by taps and swipes, making buttons a thing of the past. You can mute surrounding ambient sounds, embrace them or answer calls with just one tap. Freakin’ awesome.

  4. iTron

    Everyone has experienced that exact moment where they wake up late, rush to get ready and just before leaving the house, remember that their portable charger is dead. Nobody has the time and sit around for 7 hours waiting for it to charge up so you just end up spending the day rationing your phone battery hoping that it doesn’t drain. The iTron is a portable charger which after being charged for 3 minutes, it is capable of fully charging an iPhone. In just 18 minutes, you can recharge your iTron from flat and it will have enough power to fully recharge your phone a minimum of 3 times!

  5. BMW i8 Roadster

    One thing we will never get bored of is the announcement of new flashy cars. The BMW i8 Roadster is going into production and we have to admit, this convertible is needed in our lives, it looks and sounds incredibly sexy. Performance sports cars have come a long way since back in the day, and this concept car from BMW shows that driving pleasure and connectivity are not separate; they belong together (as said by BMW’s development boss Klaus Froehlich). We can’t wait to have a test drive *we wish*

  6. 3D Printer Smartphone

    Quite recently, the tech world has been introduced to 3D printing.  However, as appealing as it may be, the price of a 3D printer is quite extortionate. Surprisingly, the 3D Printer Smartphone is a lightweight portable 3D printer which links to your smartphone to print. As 3D printing is quite expensive, we were expecting a hefty price tag along with this but it’s only $99! We would definitely invest…

  7. Lytro Illum Light Field Camera

    If you’re into photography and enjoy snapping shots quickly, sometimes you’ll find the focus is poor, resulting in poor quality imagery. The Lytro Illum Light Field Camera fixes this problem as it has so many smart features… Once taking a photo, you can adjust settings, including the focus. The Lytro camera also creates living pictures by enabling you to view your shots in 3D at any time after taking them!

  8. Self Lacing Nike Shoes – Back to the Future

    Everyone has seen Back to the Future and if you haven’t, where have you been living? One of the most recognised gadgets from the film is the self-lacing shoes. They have been nothing more than a dream… until now. Nike has created self-lacing shoes which should go on sale in Spring 2016 and we’re dying to get our hands on a pair!

  9. Quell

    After all the exercise, your body will need time to rest and recuperate. You can use our guide of post-workout male skincare saviours to get your skin feeling refreshed, but what about the aching muscles? Quell is a band which provides drug-free pain relief by carrying pulses to the brain, triggering a natural response to block pain signals throughout the body. You can also connect it to your smartphone to track hourly therapy sessions triggered by the band, control features, monitor sleep quality and store historic data. In a sleek black design, this next level in pain management and treatment is perfect for any sports enthusiasts, whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or already an avid sportsman.

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    Post Workout Male Skin Care Saviours with FIT Skincare

    March is a month for all things sport! Not just here at Mankind either. We are also seeing the whole of the UK get in to the sporting spirit with the fundraising events being held in aid of Sport Relief.

    2016-03-15 10:30:04By FIT Skincare

  10. Flying Car

    The future is approaching. We’re excited. At first we thought it was a joke but a flying car is being created which will be street-legal and transforms to be capable of flying. Can it really be? If you don’t believe us then open up a new tab and browse the internet. It’s awesome.

What do you think about our top 10 geek gadgets for May 2016?

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