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Hairstyle Appreciation Day: Male Hairstyles 2016

Hairstyle Appreciation Day: Male Hairstyles 2016

Every single year, a new weird and wonderful day seems to crop up into our calendars and tomorrow is hairstyle appreciation day. To get into the spirit of things, we decided to show our appreciation for some of our favourite male hairstyles for 2016! Read on to get your groom on with some inspiration from our top male hairstyles and find out how to get the look with our go-to products available here at Mankind, from all of your favourite grooming brands.

Top Male Hairstyles 2016

The Modern Undercut


This super neat hairstyle is the right amount of neat with just the right amount of edge to it. With clean lines and a slicked back longer section in the middle, this do’ is actually surprisingly easy to recreate. Begin by using a Geo F. Trumper 7” Horn Comb to comb back the hair and ensure long lasting hold with American Crew Defining Paste. Your style will stick all day long, without an excess greasy residue coating your strands.

Tousled and Tasteful


If you’re blessed with a thick and full head of hair then this style is a simple one to create! Use your hair dryer and a large round brush to add volume and help to tease the hair backwards. Once you’re happy with the overall shape, hold your style with Hanz De Fuko Claymation, this leaves a matte finish and keeps it in place so you don’t have to worry about re-styling throughout the day. Warm a £1 size amount in your hands and work through your hair until you’re happy with the shape and look.

The Classic Man Bun


The man bun is still styling strong well in to 2016. Despite splitting opinions everywhere, it’s safe to say that the man bun is here to stay, whether you love it or hate it! If you’re longing to achieve the style for yourself then the AB Crew Caffeine Shampoo is the way forward. Washing your hair with this is the equivalent of your scalp absorbing six cups of coffee, therefore promoting thick and healthy hair growth. Whether your hair is freshly washed or on the 3rd day in between, simply tease it all back and secure in place with a hair elastic. To add a touch more texture  and to create a more un-done look, spritz some salt spray over the finished style.

The Modern Quiff


Everyone can appreciate a coiffed hairstyle and this quiff earns some serious style points. Sometimes, the only thing stopping you from pulling off this freakin’ awesome groomed look is the lack of skills and knowledge of achieving the perfectly rolled quiff or making it stay voluminous and neat for longer than 5 minutes. A quick and easy hack to get your hair into shape is to use the Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Quiff Roller followed by a spray of Wella SP Men Invisible Control Hairspray to keep it in place.

Textured Street Style


Our final favourite of the male hairstyles 2016 for hairstyle appreciation day is this textured street style look. Tousled tresses with a little extra length are where it’s at and possibly one of the simplest styles to recreate for yourself at home. Using a Tangle Teezer will keep your locks from getting tangled (which can cause damage if you’re not careful) and the Fudge Blow Dry Putty will ensure you achieve a little extra body and volume during your hair drying routine. Although this appears to be a ‘just woken up’ style, the key to it is ensuring that you have a good hair cut for the base. Simply letting your short back and sides grow out just won’t cut the mustard, so chat to your stylist and make sure it’s trimmed to perfection ready for the look!

Have we mentioned any styles from your top male hairstyles 2016 list in ours? We could have easily included a shed load more, but we’d be writing forever. If you’re not a fan of any of the above then you can always find some inspiration elsewhere with our unlikely style icons.

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