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Christmas Dinner Cooking Hacks

Christmas Dinner Cooking Hacks

As Christmas dinner is one of the main parts of the day, a lot of pressure is put on the person who’s cooking it. Of course, with that responsibility comes a sacrifice to spend a lot of time in the kitchen rather than enjoying themselves with family and friends. Due to this, some cooking hacks can make a lot of difference, saving you from both time and stress on the day. We have taken some of our top tips that you can incorporate into your schedule for the perfect Christmas dinner.

How to Prepare Christmas Dinner in Advance

Prepare Vegetables

Any vegetables that you want to have, you can chop a day or two before and keep them in the fridge. Then on Christmas day, all you will have to go is get them out and cook them. Alternatively, on Christmas eve you can boil them, then drop them into cold water immediately afterwards to stop them from continuing to cook. The next day, you can quickly reheat them in a pan or the microwave and serve.

Freeze in Advance

For food such as Yorkshire pudding and stuffing, you can cook them in advance then freeze them. With roast potatoes you can follow a similar method by parboiling them before freezing them. Once Christmas arrives, you can simply finish roasting them and cook everything without any preparation on the day.

Make Gravy

You can’t have Christmas dinner without gravy, yet a full, flavoursome gravy can take hours to perfect. A week or two before, you can create it, freeze it in a container and defrost on the day. Whilst heating up on Christmas, add some of the juices from the turkey for extra flavouring and that final touch.

Purchase Desserts

When it comes to desserts, it can be an unnecessary pain to make your own from scratch alongside the main meal. Instead of adding to your to-do list, ask guests if they can bring desserts to share, or simply purchase ready-made ones yourself. This will allow you to relax post-Christmas dinner as you won’t need to rush around to prepare the next course.

Don’t Forget Sauces

Often when caught up in the hurry of getting everything ready, sauces are forgotten about until last minute. Make sure that they’re ready to add that final touch to everyone’s Christmas dinner. Whether you make your own or purchase it from the shop, it doesn’t matter too much as long as you have variety to suit everyone’s taste.

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