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Top Grooming Tips as given by Mankind Followers

In return for their Top Grooming Tips, we gave our followers the opportunity to win a prize from Jack Black. We were really impressed by the entries, so we turned your grooming advice into a blog article for our readers.

2018-02-15 07:30:34By Jack

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Valentine's Day Tips for Men (From Women)

Looking to impress someone this Valentine's day but stuck for ideas? No need to stress, we've done the hard work for you. Check out our extremely useful, if slightly intimidating, Valentine's day tips for men (from women).

2018-02-06 09:26:35By Jack

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Mankind Diaries

In the first instalment of the Mankind Diaries, New Years and ARgENTUM Apothecary are on the table.

2018-01-01 09:00:50By Jack

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Mankind Guide: How to do Dry January

Dry January's great, but make sure you get it right. The Mankind blog takes you through the Dos and Don'ts of the nation's favourite mass-detox.

2018-01-01 00:30:49By Jack

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The Men's Fitness Resolutions You Should be Making in 2018

Whether you're an experienced gym-goer, exercise enthusiast, or complete newcomer, the Mankind Blog gives you the Male Fitness Resolutions you should be making in 2018.

2017-12-30 12:12:35By Jack

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Our Top Boxing Day Recipes

After cooking on Christmas Day, when it comes to Boxing day, you want to make something delicious with minimal effort. To help inspire you, below you can find our top Boxing day recipes. From using leftover ingredients to creating impressive mains in a few simple steps, there’s something that everyone can make.

2017-12-26 08:00:44By Shannon

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Christmas Dinner Cooking Hacks

As Christmas dinner is one of the main parts of the day, a lot of pressure is put on the person who’s cooking it. Of course, with that responsibility comes a sacrifice to spend a lot of time in the kitchen rather than enjoying themselves with family and friends. Due to this, some cooking hacks can make a lot of difference, saving you from both time and stress on the day. We have taken some of our top tips that you can incorporate into your schedule for the perfect Christmas dinner.

2017-12-22 08:00:02By Shannon

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How to Wrap Presents with Ease

After spending time searching for the perfect present, it would be a shame to simply put it into a gift bag and leave it that way. Putting in that extra effort to wrap it can really emphasise a present, plus the receiver will notice and appreciate it. However, if you’ve not mastered the art of gift wrapping, it can be easier said than done. To ensure every present you’ve purchased looks stylish, we’ve put together a guide on how to wrap presents with ease.

2017-12-20 08:00:20By Shannon

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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorating On a Budget

With Christmas fast-approaching, it’s time to start decorating around the home. However, with a range of gifts to buy on top of other festive expenses, it can be extremely pricey already, without the need for décor. Once you’ve added that into the costs, you can find yourself spending unnecessary amounts of money. This is why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Christmas decorating on a budget.

2017-12-03 08:00:39By Shannon

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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

With only just over 3 weeks until Christmas, it’s time to get all of your gifts sorted. This will ensure that nothing is left until last minute. When it comes to shopping for the women in your life, it can be difficult if you’re unsure of the world of women’s beauty. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for her. It features our top 10 Christmas gifts for her from top, luxury brands,which we’re sure will be well received.

2017-12-01 08:00:17By Shannon