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The Best of Prince 1958 – 2016

The Best of Prince 1958 – 2016

2016 has already taken some of our most loved public figures away from us. We thought nothing would hit us as hard as the loss of David Bowie in January, but it appears we were wrong. On 21st April 2016 Prince Rogers Nelson, more commonly known as Prince, was taken away from us at the age of 57. Needless to say, music lovers everywhere were shocked and saddened by the news, but despite the sadness fans everywhere dedicated street parties and spontaneous events in celebration of his life and contributions to music. In true Prince-fan fashion, we’re not ones to shy away from a celebration, so here are our top 3 favourite Prince moments to highlight our love of one of the greatest musical icons of all time.

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A Celebration of David Bowie

It was only the other day that we were watching Jim Hensons’ Labyrinth starring David Bowie on the TV. Admiring the coiffured hair, alongside the unique make-up, we found ourselves enthralled in the fantasy world of Jareth the Goblin King.

2016-01-11 19:00:26By Shannon

“Dearly beloved, we gathered here today to get

through this thing called life…”

That Time Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian off Stage

It is the dream of many Prince Fans, old and new, to dance on the stage with him. When Kim Kardashian had this once in a lifetime chance back in 2011 she, well, kind of blew it. Instead of making the most of the opportunity, Kim must have become a little star-struck and instead of getting down with the pocket rocket of rock, she stood pretty still. Always being the life and soul of the party, Prince was not impressed and kicked her off stage faster than you can say ‘selfie’….

The Best Halftime Performance at the Super Bowl

Back in 2007 Prince delivered what is acclaimed to be the best halftime performance, ever. Wearing a light turquoise suit, clashing with an orange shirt, it wasn’t just his outfit that stole the show. Delivering a faultless performance from start to finish, Prince blasted out all of his classics whilst flawlessly cracking out the guitar solos – all on his custom stage, designed in his signature unpronounceable symbol that blended the traditional symbols for “male” and “female.”

When He Changed His Name to a Symbol

Speaking of the aforementioned unpronounceable symbol, which was also known as the ‘Love Symbol’, who other than Prince could have taken on such an unconventional name? Due to frustrations with the industry back in 1993, Prince chose to completely remove his birth name from his art and the symbol was born. The symbol was not only unpronounceable at the time of the change, but Warner Bros. also had to post a mass mailing of floppy disks to publications and journalists with the custom font available for them to write about The Artist Formally Known As Prince!


Of course, it was pretty hard to narrow our favourite Prince moments down to only three, so share with us your favourite ones over on Twitter by tagging @Mankindcouk in your tweets.



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