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A Serum To Smile About

A Serum To Smile About

Here at Mankind, we always like to hear about the experiences of our customers. Recently, long-standing Customer, David Rouse (or Rousey, as known on the forum) contacted me with his views on the Jack Black RX Series Protein Booster Skin Serum.

David Rouse’s story…

By way of an introduction, l’m 53 years old and l’ve been a customer of Mankind for about ten years. Since my early 20’s I’ve developed quite a passion for skin care, which first started back when l had acne as a teenager in the 70’s. Back then skincare for men was non-existent and the only treatment for acne was “Clearasil”!

When I was younger, l remember my skin being mega oily, but now in my 50’s I would class it as combination. The plus side of an oily skin (and good genes) is that for my age I have relatively few wrinkles.

Jack Black’s RX Series Protein Booster Skin Serum

I am a recent convert to the Jack Black Double Duty moisturiser. A great product; light yet moisturising and good sun protection. As a fan of this product I thought I would try the RX Series Protein Booster Skin Serum because l’m very keen to improve my skin tone, which often prone to redness.

When it arrived, l was pleased to see that the packaging reflected the expensive price tag. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this from Jack Black, whose packaging is normally more functional than cosmetic!

On the first application l noticed that the look and feel of the serum is quiet different to any other product; it’s very free flowing (low viscosity) and almost the colour of white wine. I can’t pick up any noticeable odour and one pump covered my complete face and neck. It absorbs very easily despite having an oily feel to it. At this stage, I would say if you have an oily skin then the serum would probably be adequate on its own, but as don’t l was able to apply the Double Duty moisturiser on top.

Almost from day one, I saw an improvement in both the look and feel of my skin, with it looking much more even toned. This continued and after two weeks of application l was pleased to be seeing a very even skin tone. I was also pleased to see that my skin no longer had any dry patches and neither did the serum make areas more oily than before. As mentioned, I’m lucky in the wrinkle stakes- however I didn’t see any changes in the wrinkles I do have- in particular my neck area, which is beginning to go a bit “crappy”.

After almost religiously applying the product day and night for the last two weeks, l can say that this is a really great product, which has improved my skin tone dramatically, with using AHA’s etc.

Is the serum worth 47 quid? I believe the value to anything you buy is always how much of a benefit it will be to you and for me Jack Black’s RX Series Protein Booster Skin Serum will definitely be a repurchase!

I hope this review is useful and l welcome any feedback by adding a comment below.

David Rouse

David Rouse

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Long-standing customer to Mankind David Rouse (otherwise known as Rousey) sharing his experiences.